Sunday, September 30, 2012


At first, I felt really guilty for not writing because I started 
something and quit.
(I don't like quitting. In fact, when I tell people I played 
sports in high school up to the point where I realized I didn't
enjoy it, I always say I retired.)

The truth is I stopped because it seemed I was doing more 
living than reflecting. I moved away from thinking about 
the past and the heartbreaks and enjoyed everyday life.
I worried more about the cuddling, the talking, & the togetherness
that came after we got married than writing about it.
I was hopeful in everything marriage could bring this second time
around and let me tell you: I have not been disappointed.
Everyday we laugh. Everyday we say "I love you" and mean it.
We do silly things. We get frustrated and cheer each other up.
And the best part is we plan a future.
That doesn't seem like a big deal, but we your only experience
with marriage is trying to convince yourself that you can make 
it work everyday, it refreshing to know that everything is right.

Marriage is the best! And it is so easy to be married!

Dave and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary next month.
(It is crazy to think that the first time around I was gone by this point
and well onto my way to getting the divorce papers filled out. Now,
I can't imagine ever not having this boy.)

My favorite part:
When Dave looks at me, with his goofy grin and totally loving eyes,
there is no one once of disapproval from him. He looks at me 
with nothing but love, kindness, total approval, and joy. 
And I have never had that much complete adoration before.
Nor believed that I deserved it.
Everyone deserves to be looked at this way. 
Just saying.


Autumn said...

So happy for you! :)

Baby Sister said...

I've missed reading your posts!! I'm so glad that you're happy. :) And I can't believe you're coming up on 1 year!! Congrats!!

Tara said...

This post makes me happy, I was thinking the other day that your anniversary was coming up. Gone by fast.

Runtus Nerdificus said...

Makes me happy too, in a warm fuzzy way. Happy anniversary Cheeks.