Sunday, September 30, 2012


At first, I felt really guilty for not writing because I started 
something and quit.
(I don't like quitting. In fact, when I tell people I played 
sports in high school up to the point where I realized I didn't
enjoy it, I always say I retired.)

The truth is I stopped because it seemed I was doing more 
living than reflecting. I moved away from thinking about 
the past and the heartbreaks and enjoyed everyday life.
I worried more about the cuddling, the talking, & the togetherness
that came after we got married than writing about it.
I was hopeful in everything marriage could bring this second time
around and let me tell you: I have not been disappointed.
Everyday we laugh. Everyday we say "I love you" and mean it.
We do silly things. We get frustrated and cheer each other up.
And the best part is we plan a future.
That doesn't seem like a big deal, but we your only experience
with marriage is trying to convince yourself that you can make 
it work everyday, it refreshing to know that everything is right.

Marriage is the best! And it is so easy to be married!

Dave and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary next month.
(It is crazy to think that the first time around I was gone by this point
and well onto my way to getting the divorce papers filled out. Now,
I can't imagine ever not having this boy.)

My favorite part:
When Dave looks at me, with his goofy grin and totally loving eyes,
there is no one once of disapproval from him. He looks at me 
with nothing but love, kindness, total approval, and joy. 
And I have never had that much complete adoration before.
Nor believed that I deserved it.
Everyone deserves to be looked at this way. 
Just saying.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mr. Friend's Name

Time is a fickle thing.
(Profound statement #1)

See this picture. See that paper thing in the corner.
Each one of those links represents a day that I have left as
a single lady. I never thought I'd be typing that anytime soon.

(YEP!!! That's Mr. Friend's, Mr. Man's, my man's name!!)
and I have chosen October 29th to be sealed for time
and all eternity
in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.

It has been a whirlwind of planning and stressing.
And so many, many blessings.
It has seemed to be going so fast to the point that I couldn't
ever catch up. Yet, at the same time the days are so long, the time
together so short, and the event forever away.

I love this man more and more everyday.
I'm not a giddy bride. I am just so.... at peace knowing that
it is going to be him across the alter. And everyday he unknowingly
reaffirms that he will keep me safe, love me, treat me like every
woman should be treated, and help me grow.
(Profound statement #2)
The thing about Dave is that I trust him so much.
And if I can't trust him, I wouldn't be able to trust anyone.
He is just so wholesome and pure in his intent to take care of me.

I'm not trying to be too mushy.
But when I think back on everything that I've been through,
it doesn't matter because it led me to this moment where I know
that it will be okay. And probably pretty darn awesome!

I'm hecka getting married.
(And going on a cruise.) :)
(Profound statement #3)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Proposal Story

Wow! Didn't mean to leave you guys waiting that long.

I love it when Mr. Man brings me flowers. For some really odd
reason I think it is so cute to see him standing there, grinning, hold
this bouquet of reds, yellows, and oranges. (Like a good boyfriend he
knows that my artistic preferences lean towards the warm colors.)
He looks so adorable. I can't stand it.

Mr. Man is really good about giving me flowers on a regular basis.
:) I sure like him.

If you haven't read about the first date you need to.
It was simple and precisely what I needed at the time.
Our proposal story mirrors this. And I love it. Even though
I knew it was coming and he says I made it slightly difficult for him,
it is cute. And us.

He came to my door with his happy bouquet of orange roses, yellow
carnations, and red something-or-anothers. Then we went and had
dinner at some fancy steak restaurant. He likes steak. He asked me if
I wanted to go for a walk. We strolled along talking and laughing.
I knew where we were headed. :) (I even brought my camera.)

I don't remember much, but Mr. Man happens to be a nerd. He
had this prepared little speech about the number 349. Things that
happened in the year 1349, and facts about the number 349.
And all matter of factly, as we walk onto the pier where we had
our first date, he says its been 349 blessed days since we'd been here
before. And he asks me. I get so excited that I make him get up and hug me.
There might have been some kissing.

Then realizing I don't have the ring, and I push him down again to put the
ring on. :)

We have to do things right of course.

On our first date, sitting on that pier, it was so easy to talk to him as
we drank our hot cocoa and watched the sunset. I was thinking
I kind of liked this guy.

I was right.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Like My Ring?

Remember almost a year ago I had this date that I just thoroughly
enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that I was smiling the next day when
I woke up, which never happens. (Not a morning person.)

Little less than a year later,
I am pleased to announce that Kendra Sue will be marrying
Mr. Man at the soonest possible convenience. The very man
who made her toes wiggle from the very first date.

And I L.O.V.E. him!!!

It seems like I've know him forever and I can't picture not ever
having him in my life.

It was little over a year ago that I left my
ex-husband heartbroken and thinking that it didn't matter if I every got
married again. I would be so very happy being alone. Forever.
I was bitter towards men. Bitter for the hurt that I'd had to experience.
Bitter for having hopes, dreams, wishes, thoughts smashed and destroyed by
someone that I thought loved me. Bitter for becoming a tool not a wife.
Bitter for all the promises of blissful marriage that I'd been promised that
I'd never had a glimpse of.
I was a mess. I cried all the time. And my heart was sick.

But my Heavenly Father knows me so well. I can't imagine that he could
have sent anyone better into my life. The first week moving in I met a boy
at Family Home Evening and we started talking. It seemed like I couldn't
stop talking around him. All my secrets, fears, and dirty laundry kept
coming out of my mouth and I couldn't stop it. I waved the awfullest things
I could think of about myself in front of his face and encouraged him to run away.
He didn't. I seriously think that he must be an angel because somehow
he was able to piece me all back together. Somehow Heavenly Father knew that
he could help me make sense of the messes and help me find hope in the future.
He is the most patience, caring individual there is.

And somehow he wants to marry me!
And he thinks he is getting a deal!

I know I should be worried that I haven't found a flaw yet, but
honestly I've strung this guy through the wringer. He is wonderful. He is
kind. He listens. He doesn't judge. He loves unconditionally. He makes
me smile daily. He looks at me in the most perfect way that makes me feel
like I am worth something special. He is a hoot to be around.

Wow. I'm a lucky girl.

Proposal story to come. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gooooddd Morning! I need a cure.

I started the day with Julian Michaels 30 Day Shred, which I
haven't done since Tuesday because I've been so sore. My goal
is to do it 4 times next week. It rocks! I called up my man and
we went to the gym where I did 20 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes
on the stairs (I don't know why but they kill me like no other), and the
finished our workout with some abs and weights. Not too long. I was
exhausted, however. It is amazing how energized you feel after working out, which
is odd to me because I can't seem to get myself to do it when I'm tired.

Now it is close to noon and I'm trying to finish writing this so that
my title will still fit. I feel so great today and actually it has to do
with those flowers you see with my breakfast. Of course you know they
are from my Mr. Man Dude but they have a great story with them. :) hehe
Maybe tomorrow?

I am trying this no/low carb diet and I've lost a little weight.
I have a huge weakness though. I am ADDICTED to sweets. I can't
seem to leave them alone. Does anyone know the cure? Please
I need help, a story, validation....

Look at my breakfast/lunch. Beautiful, no?

(sorry for the quality, just my point and shoot today)

I wanted to share because that is the prettiest omelet I've every made.
Every time I try to make an omelet it always ends up scrambled eggs with
vegetables and cheese. But I'm on a roll today.
And I've discovered something: pour a little coffee creamer over berries.
Its delicious.

I'm going to go float the canal now.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Less Stress

Last night a total of seven little demons were killed-
six by the amazing sticky things and one by jabbing paper.
My skin feels crawly just thinking about how many more are out

I am amazed at those of you who have full time jobs and are still
able to blog. I feel that this summer there has been so much unsaid
and really no consistency to this blog. I run around from place to
place. I find myself in several different locations: Canada, New York,
and Alaska; and trying to spend as much time as I can with the Mr. Man
I just don't get to write on my blog much. It makes me feel disorganized.
Heck, I've been meaning to write about New York for a month and a half
now. I have a few pictures edited, but I'm not done.

My job makes me exhausted. I have to work my own hours which is
nice in some ways, but at the same time I run around dropping kids
off, picking them up, listening to their problems, worrying about the
struggling ones, talking to moms, giving advice that I have no experience
to back up with; needless to say by the end of the day I'm pooped.
I just want to curl up with the Man, watch The Office, and eat.

I interviewed for my dream job last week: art teacher, specifically pottery.
I love pottery. Everyone should try pottery once in their life. It is a must!
But, alas, I always kersplat! on interviews. I really need to take classes.
Everyone: if you are still in college, study for interviews!
It was heartbreaking for me. I want to teach so bad and I have to wait
who knows how long to get the job that I studied four years for.
Pity party for Kendra.

I've decided that I need to relax.
I take things way too serious and get stressed out about everything.
So what if I don't work 40 hours a week? I make enough to support me.
So what if I dislike my job? Everyone else does.
So what if I'm 15 lbs overweight? My body does what it is suppose to do.
(Although, I have been working out (just a little). I tried Jullian this morning.
Not bad. My body was shaking by the end. I made a goal this week if I get
down to a number with a zero on the end I get to go by a necklace. I love jewelry.)

So what if I don't get everything done on my list? I want to have a good day

My new attitude is to focus on the important things to me. The things that
bring me joy. In conclusion: more working out, more photography,
more time with my man, more smiles, more dropping everything and
doing things I want, more reading my scriptures, less stress and worry.

Maybe a bit more blogging, who knows?