Sunday, August 28, 2011

Like My Ring?

Remember almost a year ago I had this date that I just thoroughly
enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much that I was smiling the next day when
I woke up, which never happens. (Not a morning person.)

Little less than a year later,
I am pleased to announce that Kendra Sue will be marrying
Mr. Man at the soonest possible convenience. The very man
who made her toes wiggle from the very first date.

And I L.O.V.E. him!!!

It seems like I've know him forever and I can't picture not ever
having him in my life.

It was little over a year ago that I left my
ex-husband heartbroken and thinking that it didn't matter if I every got
married again. I would be so very happy being alone. Forever.
I was bitter towards men. Bitter for the hurt that I'd had to experience.
Bitter for having hopes, dreams, wishes, thoughts smashed and destroyed by
someone that I thought loved me. Bitter for becoming a tool not a wife.
Bitter for all the promises of blissful marriage that I'd been promised that
I'd never had a glimpse of.
I was a mess. I cried all the time. And my heart was sick.

But my Heavenly Father knows me so well. I can't imagine that he could
have sent anyone better into my life. The first week moving in I met a boy
at Family Home Evening and we started talking. It seemed like I couldn't
stop talking around him. All my secrets, fears, and dirty laundry kept
coming out of my mouth and I couldn't stop it. I waved the awfullest things
I could think of about myself in front of his face and encouraged him to run away.
He didn't. I seriously think that he must be an angel because somehow
he was able to piece me all back together. Somehow Heavenly Father knew that
he could help me make sense of the messes and help me find hope in the future.
He is the most patience, caring individual there is.

And somehow he wants to marry me!
And he thinks he is getting a deal!

I know I should be worried that I haven't found a flaw yet, but
honestly I've strung this guy through the wringer. He is wonderful. He is
kind. He listens. He doesn't judge. He loves unconditionally. He makes
me smile daily. He looks at me in the most perfect way that makes me feel
like I am worth something special. He is a hoot to be around.

Wow. I'm a lucky girl.

Proposal story to come. :)


Autumn said...

Everyone deserves that, I'm really happy for you. Your ring is beautiful :)

Seester said...

Ya-hoo! Congrats, Kendra and Mr. Friend!

Love ya - Aunt Celia

Runtus Nerdificus said...

Looks like we have an excuse to make another trip to Idaho. Congrats Cheekers.

Laura Wynn said...

I knew it! I knew it yesterday when you mentioned the flowers and that you had a story!! :D YAY to you, miss Kendra Sue!!!! and the ring...gorgeous.

Brittany said...

So, this is really, really random, but you found my blog last summer and I've been secretly spying on you since. I love your blog and am I am SO happy for you! That ring is stunning and I'm loving the nail polish too. :) Big congratulations from a random internet stranger.

Tara said...

Holy cow! i love that ring!! I want it!! maybe i need to go shopping for a new you bunches!!!

Sacha....xoxo said...

it is gorgeous ring. you are lucky to have him. Looking forward to read your proposal story soon

Sacha x

Baby Sister said...

Yay!! :D This made me so happy to read!! I've been wondering if you were engaged. :) Love the ring!! Gorgeous!!

mary kate said...

i missed this post somehow, but yayayayayay!!! that is awesome i'm so happy for you!