Monday, August 1, 2011


Excuses for not writing:
lots of family, sick, and a little exciting news
that I'm not ready to share. :)

And just to show you that I can dominate,
with the help of three little boys:I am crazy for him.


Laura Wynn said...

News, news!! I'm excited :)
Ps, love all the latest blog posts. :) I've been so super out of the loop! Have a happy day!

Baby Sister said...

Oooo!! I can't wait for the news!! I'll try to be patient. :) And water fights?? They are the best. Especially when you win!!

Autumn said...

I just wanted to say...just found your blog. I think you handle everything so maturely. I was engaged to a young man I had been dating for over a year; I had those similar promptings as well...I had become marriage obsessed and worried so much about my "chance."

Thanks for sharing something so personal, it looks like you are having happier days :)