Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hear me ROAR

My family thinks I am a wuss.

Want to hear the reason why?

Because I don't hike. Ever.
I am the babysitter and the sandwich maker;
but I choose stay home by myself than subject myself to agony.

They happen to be these crazy, macho people who like
to hike mountains ALL THE TIME. I happen to be someone who
tries to do as little as possible with my body. I don't understand the fun
to torturing myself on purpose.
(Okay so ever other week or so I try and a new diet and exercise routine
and drag my poor dude to the gym. But that doesn't count.)

People try to tell me the view is worth it.
I can't enjoy it when I feel sweaty, sore, and can't pick
my face up from rock. What is worth it is going home and staying
clean and well fed. I am a whiner and I admit it freely.

They tell me it is the pride in conquering the mountain.
I have can't feel pride when my whole attention is
concentrated on the throbbing in my bum.
I solemnly proclaim that hiking is not my thing.

But I thought I would try it one more time when some good friends
of ours invited us to go camping and hike Table Rock.
I like camping and must admit that is the only reason they got me
to go. The food tastes awesome when you are camping.

And I LOVE s'mores. Pretty much just the melted chocolate
on graham crackers, but I got mostly marshmallow this trip. Mr. Man Friend
has to do everything overboard. No normal marshmallows
for our legendary trip.
(cute, huh?)

My Mr. Man Dude made us a scrumptious dutch oven dinner
on Friday night. That kind of thing makes me really like him.
We talked and got ready for the hike the next morning.

Saturday we got our morning off right with lots of protein:
eggs and sausage. Try it boiled in a baggy.
I was confident and feeling good about the trip.
That pride thing got to me and I had something to prove to my
mocking family. I am a Hansen. I can hike mountains. I
CHOOSE not to. And you can't mock me anymore.

This is us still happy.

My little point and shoot didn't do too bad of a job.
Probably should have photoshoped it.

Us a third the way up. I was still feeling pretty good here and
for the most part was leading the pack.

This is the point where I wanted to kill everyone and then die.
I took a picture to document the place where I quit. But I talked
myself into going another 10 ft and then another. Somehow I made
it to the top. It looks like a little hill. PSH! It lies.

It is a MONSTER. The hike is 11 miles
round trip and about did me in. I did beat Mr. Man Dude to the top.
My bragging point. Plus, I ate more trail mix than he did. I don't
know why that is relevant but somehow it makes me feel tough.

I was miserable.
I still don't understand hiking.

It took 45 minutes to stand up and get the energy for this shot.

And in true Hansen fashion the victory pose.


Baby Sister said...

I like hiking. It's fun. What I don't like is the altitude sickness I I may not be doing much hiking in the future.

SaffaKate said...

I am a hiking person, but 11 miles is quite a hike! PHEW. Im exhausted just reading this post.
You are so correct about camping food tasting extra yummy.

Laura Wynn said...

camp food= EPIC.
Good for you, lady!!

Kellie Huffman said...

You have redeemed yourself little sis. You truly are a Hansen.

Runtus Nerdificus said...

That's quite a view, Cheekers. Congratulations on whipping Table Rock. Doesn't that make you feel better?