Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cherry Mismis!

Let it be a time to remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ,
that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of
the shepherds, and the worship of the wise men.

Merry Christmas to the Blog World!
Hope it was filled with memories and feelings of love and
gratitude. Luvs.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday's Thought and Picture

"Scientists can look at the rings of trees and make educated guesses about climate and growing conditions hundreds and even thousands of years ago. One of the things we learn from studying the growth of trees is that during seasons when conditions are ideal, trees grow at a normal rate. However, during seasons when growing conditions are not ideal, trees slow down their growth and devote their energy to the basic elements necessary for survival.

It is good advice to slow down a little, steady the course, and focus on the essentials when experiencing adverse conditions.When stress levels rise, when distress appears, when tragedy strikes, too often we attempt to keep up the same frantic pace or even accelerate, thinking somehow that the more rushed our pace, the better off we will be.

The wise understand and apply the lessons of tree rings. They resist the temptation to get caught up in the frantic rush of everyday life. They follow the advice “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” In short, they focus on the things that matter most.
We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best."

Of Things That Matter Most
{read the rest of this talk here}

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

True Thanksgiving

I didn't want to be thought of as completely ungrateful and
nasty about the whole idea of Thanksgiving. So, I've repented of my ways,
decided that Thanksgiving isn't soo bad, and I've been pondering a certain
memorable one that I had about three years ago.

I lived in China for about 5 months teaching English.
It was an incredible experience that I would encourage anyone to
do. However, it was the first time I really left my home for an extended
about of time with no easy access to getting back. I missed my mom, my family,
my bed, carpet, normal tasting toothpaste, sugar, milk, simple veggies not
swimming in grease, and going to church. China is a strange place, full of
customs that baffled all of us. The unexpected was expected. Everything was
so strange and dirty.

The food is what threw us for a loop the most. Everything, I mean
EVERYTHING, was served in pools of oil. It tasted weird and did
terrible things to our bowel movements. (TMI) And to top it all off
was the fact that China doesn't believe in sugar. (I have a terrible
sweet tooth and this was agony.) It was
all okay for the first month or so, but by then the cake and brownie
mixes we had brought over were highly relished and rationed.
There were four of us that would met in the dead of the night to
cook these glorious sugary-saving treats and devour them without
any guilt about not sharing with the rest of the group. Good times.

We missed home.

Thus, Thanksgiving was a glorious event. We gave our Chinese cook
a break and cooked all day. We didn't find a turkey, but had a duck.
We made rolls, did our best with pies, and had stuffing. It wasn't
fancy, but it was amazing because it was an America tradition. We
didn't have our families, but we had each other. We ached for home,
but were grateful that we were able to keep a little of it with us. We
sung hymns, ate food, and talked about what we loved about America.

And let me tell you... that food was the best I've ever tasted. I
was grateful for every bite that reminded me of home. We weren't
worried about calories or food pyramids, just feeding our souls with
that which was familiar. Every bite was a symphony.
We ate with empty stomachs and hearts full of gratitude.
We enjoyed the smells of the slightest hint of familiarity.
We were enjoying the goodness of the earth. We teased and joked and
loved each other. It was the best Thanksgiving because I truly
recognized what was important: family, love, and the feeling of

That is the true feelings of Thanksgiving, brought to you from
all the way around the world.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Did I ever tell you that Thanksgiving is one of my least
favorite holidays?

First of all, it is a PAINFUL holiday. You eat too much.
(Well, I do because I have no self-control.)
You feel guilty for eating too much and oh boy do you hurt
from eating too much. And then you have to lay around with
your pants cutting off the circulation to your legs and act like you
are enjoying yourself when really all you want to do is find your
stretchy pants and a dark, comfy corner to recuperate in.

Second of all, I hate the fact that sometimes it is the only time of
year we mention what we are grateful for.

But mostly its because I have no self-control.

So, in my Thanksgiving-Grinch attitude I am skipping over
Thanksgiving in my blog (at least maybe till tomorrow) and moving right
on to Christmas. A couple of us decorated my apartment all
holiday-like. I love it and the warm cozy feeling that
lights, balls, and different colors cast everywhere.

IMG_0463 copy
IMG_0504 copy

One of my favorite movies to watch at this time of year is
Home Alone. Towards the end of the movie a scene takes place
in the chapel; it is Christmas time and the two lonely characters are
seated next to each other. The boy, played by McCaulay Culkin, has
been left at home alone by his family accidentally. The older man is a
neighbor who lives by himself. The boy asks him if he has any family.
The gentleman explains that he and his son have parted ways and no longer
talk. Kevin blurts out," Why don't you just call your son and tell him you are
sorry and invite him home for Christmas."

The old man explains he is afraid. He is afraid of failing to express
his love and voice an apology.

A little while later, Kevin looks out the window and sees his neighbor
welcoming his returning son. Son embraces father, and the old man
hugs him tenderly. There is so much forgiveness and love.

I am wishing you a happy time with your loved ones.
Don't eat too much and enjoy the holiday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Thank You!

I am so very grateful, very fitting for such a season.

I am young. I am naive. A lot of time very immature.
I don't think I am wise at all. My blog is all about my
learning some hard lessons, mixed in with all my silliness and
a little bit of journal writing.

But when I came out about my divorce and told about my
heartache there were a few people who really reached out to
me. I would sit at my computer aching for comfort and I found
it in my blogger friends. They left so many messages of hope,
encouragement, and kindness. People that I've never met before
suddenly cared about me and my life. Every comment was a treasure I didn't
expect. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

So when two of my good blogger friends have given me blog
awards in the last day, I just love them more.
(And it is a "Stylish Blogger Award" meaning my blog is stylish right?
I like simple, clean lines and designs. I always wondered if my color
schemes and layout were boring. But they make me happy.)

Thank you Laura! Thank you Mary Kate!
You are such lovely people and I send you an e-hug.
Friends forever? :)

I am suppose to share 7 things about myself:
1- I love naming cars. I think it really isn't that fun to drive
a car that doesn't have a name. And it has to be a name with
lots of personality, like Mildred, Betsy, and Dolores.

2- My mom bought a new alarm clock a few years back and my
dad couldn't stand it. I don't blame him really. Anyways, I inherited it
because I didn't have one and I am always vowing to myself that I am
going to go get a normal one. This cursed thing has birds for the wake-up
call. Annoying, doesn't-even-sound-like-birds, noises wake me up every
morning. Maybe part of the reason I am not a morning person.

3- I love ceramic jugs. I constantly find myself looking at them.
I talk myself out of buying them. They are so pretty.

4- I HATE, HATE folding socks. So I don't.

5- Window light is my favorite kind of light. I want a house
with lots of window and one of those round spire thingys that has
a bench I could read books at.

6- I love scarfs, but sadly only have two of them. They are just
so darn expensive.

7- I hate jeans. Dress pants or stretchy pants.

And these are seven people that I read quite often, besides
Laura and Mary Kate in no particular order:
-Baby Sister at La Esquina de la Estrellita, she is a happy person.
-Holly at Holly Knitlightly, she has a cute esty shop and it is really
easy to like her.
-Amy at life's a Journey with a smile, she has a lot of spirit about life and
isn't afraid to talk about things that hurt a little bit.
-Carlotta at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, who is the kind of photographer
that I want to be, maybe after school. She has cool hats too.
- Kate at (fill in the blank) blonde, I think this is her second or third
award but that is because she is soooo popular. Seriously, love her.
-Kam at Campfire Chic because she has lots of good ideas for
fun crafts and decorating that someday I'll have time for.
-Taylor at Anticipation!, she is really popular too. Probably why
we aren't friends, yet. :) But I like following her. She is really upbeat
and fun and gives me out of my box ideas about fashion.
-Okay, I know I was only suppose to have 7, but I really like Kaleena too!
(I know she already got one of these, but I am just reiterating her awesomeness.)

Enjoy the day dearies! It is a blizzard here and I am going to cuddle up
and stay warm reading a book. Luvs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo Challenge: Food

Food is great. I don't blog about it much, because well
I've told about my terrible cycle before and to be
perfectly honest it hasn't changed that much.
Except if Mr. Friend (who needs a new name)
graciously feeds me fancy food, because I'm worth
it or something like that. He is nice like that.

But one of my favorite photos happen to be of some
delicious blueberries I had at our farmer's market a
few months back. They are so pretty. And shiny.


If you want to join the Pastor's Girl's Pondering's photo
challenge hop over to her blog and enter.

Fun for all!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Thought and Picture

Second post today, but I needed to do my Sunday thought.
"Life is good, if we live in such a way to make it so.' . . . 'A good life' comes as a result of the way we do things, of the words we choose to say, and even of the kind of thoughts we choose to have."

Have a lovely Sunday all!

The Wedding Day

I woke up thinking again today.
I hate waking up thinking. Sometimes it gets me really down.
I think about everything in my life and how it fits together
and where I am headed; it is scary and very frustrating.
I like organization. I like knowing I am doing the right thing.
And when I doubt myself, it is the worst feeling in the world.

Is it bad to think that the time I knew myself the most was
right after my divorce? I was so empowered. I felt so completely
free. I just knew that I would be okay. I knew that my Father
loved me and somehow I could hope again for the future and
that my life would be filled with happiness again.

I was so naive and immature stepping into marriage.
I truly felt I could fool myself into happiness.
All you needed was a glorious beginning. The age old saying
that "your wedding day will be the best day of your life" is
silly, silly, silly! Not to mention incredibly sad. That your relationship's
culminating experience is found on your wedding day is very
absurd notion.

Marriages make me sad now.
It seem that there is so much hype and not enough focus on the future.
Not enough planning for when things aren't always glorious.

After my marriage ceremony was finished and afterglow of everything
faded away, I was left in his hands. There was nothing between us
now that I could hide behind. I was simply his. And it scared me.
I was numb. I was sick. Crap. What was a suppose to do now?
My complete focus for months had been this day and I had done nothing
but ignore the future and my apprehensive feelings.
Now it stared blatantly at me, ready to shake me into reality.
What a brutal beating.

If and when and hopefully, when marriage wants to grace my door
again, I am going to do it so differently. Keep it small. Focus on what
really matters: your life together.
I don't want it to be the best day of my life.
I simply want it to be just a day. That's it.
I want each day afterward to be the focus of our energies.

The day you sacrifice your needs and wants to help your spouse.
The day you survive going through the budget together.
The day everything goes wrong and you can still look at each other
and know somehow it will work. And later you will laugh.
The day we decide to forget about how our parents did things and
do them our own way.
The day you know you can love each other despite the shortcomings
and weird habits that annoy the crap out of you.
I want to be able to say that I look forward to the spending every day
with him. And even when we fight, which is inevitable, it will still be
a good day because you still know you love each other.
I want the small things of each day to make that day the BEST day.
The wedding day should be the least best day of your life, because your love will
grow as you understand each other better. Maybe it would be okay to look
back on it as the day it started if you want...

Starting something as hard as marriage with lots of fanfare sets really high
expectations in my opinion. Personally, I want a huge party after five years.

And that day that I wake up not questioning or doubting, because
I see him by me, that day will be the best of days.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Got An Apple

Instead of flowers, I got an apple.
You like?It is cuz I am a teacher and my day was hard
yesterday. I had to get really mad. And when I get
mad, I feel really bad. So Mr. Friend (he needs a new
name) got me a ginormous apple. Cute right?
(He didn't want to use the flower-train too much.)
I've a crazy two days.

First of all, we went to the midnight showing of Harry
Potter and I have to say that it was well done. The director
really stayed true to the book in expressing the loneliness and
frustration of Harry trying to find the Horcruxes. It was a dark
movie, but all the funny parts made it great. My favorite was when
Harry and Hermione have an awkward dance in the middle of
their tent. It is awkward teenage stuff.
However, there is this scene between the two of them
after Ron comes back that is really disappointing. I don't know
why they had to put such graphic nudity into a children film. I
don't recommend it as a family film.

I really do like Emma Watson's new haircut though.
She has been know for her locks while doing the Harry Potter
series as Hermione has frizzy hair in the books.
But, oh if I were brave enough (and had delicate features.)
Got home at 3:30 and went to bed, woke up at 6:30 and went
to school. Drank a coke and made it through the day.

Came home, crashed till 6:30. Woke up wanting to take a shower
but slicked my hair back and went on a date with Mr. Friend and
Setherloo. It is his first date since his mission! Yay!
We went ate a ginormous amount of calories (bad for my diet)
at Bambino's and then went lazor-tagging. Which gets you nice
and sweating. And it brings out my competitive side, poor Mr. Friend.

So, here I am.
On my lovely Saturday with nothing to do!!!!!
Hallelujah! It is Thanksgiving Break and snowing!
And I got to go on a winter walk with Mr. Friend.
Which is where all the pictures are from.
I finally got to take some. It has been a long while.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Singing in the Rain

I hate seeing flowers on sale, especially if they are on
clearance. Usually, I can talk myself out of buying flowers.
First of all, they are frivolous. They don't feed me or clothe me.
Second, Mr. Friend has kept me well supplied as of late with
precious beauties to show off. (It is all I take pictures of anymore.)But... IT IS CHRISTMAS!!!
I got that warm, fuzzy feeling in my soul and I when I
saw these lovely poinsettias I just had to have them.
They are great. And red. And pretty. And red.
I like to decorate in red.

The big plans are:At midnight.
And I have to teach school tomorrow.
Crazy? Heck yes!!! I am still a college student after all!

And didn't you just LOVE Glee this week.
Singing in the Rain!! Oh my gosh, I about died.
Mr. Shou and I go back and forth. He makes me so mad
sometimes and then he does something that makes my heart
go patter. The crush may be restored briefly. Love the vests!

You think Mr. Shou and Gwyenth's character have some

Best Mash-up EVER!!!
And Puck in a suit.... hehe.... sorry I am having a hard time
getting over this.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Secrets Make Friends

I am such a crazy, crazy woman.
Most times I am so darn happy with things; I know
what I did was right and I have no doubts that my life
is going to be so much better. Other times, like on
Saturday I am hurt and confused. And my friend has
had a lot to do with that, the confusion that is.
(BTW, thank you all for all the kind words and
encouragement. I loved it and it truly made me feel cared about.)

I made a decision about him though.
I think that I like him a lot more then I was giving
myself credit for. He has been there for me and if
he wants to keep being there for me I shouldn't
punish him for caring.
And I am happy. And I hope it lasts.

Can I tell you how crazy I am...
I kissed him.
And I like him a lot.
Glutton for punishment? Probably.

The End.

P.S. I believe Christmas should start whenever
you feel the vibes. I am feeling it. I've decked out
my window and I'm listening to the music.

Music Playlist at

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday's Thought and Picture

“My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms
and enjoy more fully the sunlight.
I am suggesting that as we go through life,
we ‘accentuate the positive.’
I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good,
that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm,
that we more generously compliment and endorse
virtue and effort."

-Gordon B. Hinckley

(image found here)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cuz I'm Human

I haven't done a venting session in a while, but
I've got it all on my mind and its coming out.
I started this blog to share my feelings, but sometimes
I'm really scared about that. Worried about who is going
to find them and judge me. I don't care right now though.

I feel so crazy.
I hate, hate being a girl. I hate analyzing everything
and getting so worked up about little things.
The guy, the one that I keep calling my friend who does all
the nice things for me, that guy is driving me nuts.
I don't want to talk about it with anyone.
Personally, I just want to stop thinking about it all,
but being a girl it nags and demands attention.
I hate boys right now.
And I know that is such a cynical attitude, but I'm entitled
to be selfish right? I hate the fact that such an amazing guy
came into my life so soon after my divorce.
I want time to be mad.
I want time to cry and figure out who I am.
I want to be alone and just enjoy it.

I liked having him around at first. He made things easy and
answered a lot of my questions. He put up with my crying and
venting and hating and made me feel special, and that though
I went through a crazy experience, I was still worth being with.
His non-judgmental attitude was a relief. He would listen and
that's all. I like him. A lot. He is smart and kind and we can
talk about things like books and politics. (Things most guys I've
dated have no interest in.) He is so intuitive to my feelings.
Honestly, I don't know why I am upset.
I like him, but I am pushing him away.
I don't want to deal with a man right now. I want to be alone,
but at the same time I don't.

And then I start to wonder if something is wrong with me.
Maybe I've got commitment issues. I hated my marriage. I
loved being alone and dreaded when he would walk in that door.
And now I hate the idea of being with someone, anyone, like that
again. It seems to me that every marriage, every relationship, every
friendship has its ups and downs. But still you find a way to make it all
worthwhile because you love each other, right? That is what I hope
and want, but somehow that isn't what I see. Something fun and exciting
seems to die when people make commitments to each other.
I see couples with new eyes after this whole experience.
They are probably tainted with a deathly shade of pessimistic-anti-
relationship, and I am terribly judgmental, but sometimes the happiness
looks forced. I remember trying
to appear happy. Trying to smile and laugh and act like I loved my
husband and hating, absolutely hating my life.

We didn't start off that way.
I really liked him, maybe even loved. We got along fine.
After marriage he suddenly hated me. He saw me different.
I don't want that to happen again. I don't want to have a relationship.
I don't want anyone to ever look at me like that ever.
There was so much disdain and hateful words.
I don't want someone to make me feel so special and loved
and that same person tear me down after knowing every part of me.
No, never again.

So when the nice, reassuring words start I begin wondering
when is he going to wake up? When is he going to see
that I'm not worth it? Pretty much, when is the hurtful
criticism going to start? And I'm pretty sure it is going to happen
after I trust him. And after I am sure that he would never hurt me,
he'll say the worse things about me, do the worse things to me,
and tell me it's all my fault that we are unhappy.

I'm frustrated, mad, hurt, angry, confused.
If you see him just tell him to run away fast.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Copycate Recipe- Italian Nachos

I had the best leftovers today for lunch:
Johnny Carino's.
Lovely, lovely Italian food. Seriously better than
Olive Garden. If you haven't gone there you simple must.Anyho, I love Johnny Carino's appetizer Italian Nachos.
They are creamy, crunchy, pretty, and divine!
I've been making my own version lately and they ain't
too bad. So, here is a fun little recipe to mix some up with.

What you need:
1 package of wanton wrappers, cut into triangles
a handful or two of grilled chicken breast
(or you can use Italian sausage)
a can of chopped olives
a can of pepperochini peppers
two Roma tomatoes cut into cubes
mozzarella cheese, shredded
Ragu Alfredo Sauce (or some other white sauce,
if you make it from scratch you are a better person than me)
garlic powder
Italian seasoning

In the oven or in a fryer, cook your wanton wrappers.
(If you cook them in the oven, toss them in olive oil and
bake at 400 for about 5-6 minutes.)
This only takes a few minutes until they are golden brown.

Meanwhile heat the sauce and grill the chicken.

Once wantons (wanton is a fun word to say!) are finished lay them
on a platter, put some chicken, tomatoes, pepperochini peppers,
olives onto and drizzle the Ragu over it. Put the shredded cheese
on top, place in the oven or microwave to warm up. Say a little prayer
and hold on to your taste buds because they are going to love you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old News

I had good intentions when my brother came home.
Really, promise.
I was going to do a whole post about it. It was going
to be wonderful. However,this will have to do because as
you well know from the last, previous post: I'm lame.

It is old news, but news all the same. (Like 3 wks old, but
that may give you an idea about how hectic my life is.)
And I really like my pictures and want to share them.

I was so excited to see him enter off that plane.
I had to restrain myself not to tackle him. He was so big
and manly. He grew up. We've both changed so much since
seeing each other last and hopefully we can make some new
memories. I love him.
{Picture stolen from my sister. Me and Setherloo hugging.}
He brought a hecka lot of ties home.
It was a crazy weekend full of family, noise, food,
homework (for me), and lots of fun. We went up to Meadow
Lake to do some fishing. (I can't fish. I cry.) And I took lots of pictures.
It was a beautiful day by the lake. We made a fire and burned our
fingers off trying to heat everything up.
My brother loves to fish and I think enjoyed getting back into it.
I just like eating fish.
I played with the nieces and nephews by the lake.
And just enjoyed the day.
I like having one of my best friend home. It means
we get to do things together. This is another old tidbit,
from Halloween old, but fun to look at.
You'll never see a Russian general and Cruella de Vil
together again.{Isn't he cute?! And single...}
And yes, that is my real hair.

Thanks for putting up with the old news everyone.
I feel better about life now that it is off my list. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Lame

Dear bloggers,
I am neglecting you again. My blog is lacking consistency
and interesting posts. I just can't seem to find time to write
all the things I have to tell you. Having a blog is like having
a child, it is a lot of responsibility. (I know not quite the same,
but I feel that my blog depends on me.) And I can't handle
having a child right now, even if is only in blog form.

My roommate is sick, sick, sick.
I am just a little sick.
She has to go to the hospital a lot.
I just cough, take Day-Quil, and whine about how my throat
is killing me. And try not to talk too much.
She had her gall bladder out and keeps throwing up.
My hair is greasy. (Not really relevant just needed something
to complain about.) Oh, I am really tired, too.
Her parents are staying with us. Our apartment is definitely only
made for two. It is far too little for four people. We get in each others
way and nerves. They are really nice people, feed me a lot, but I
can't wait to get my space back.
I feel bad for my roommate though.

Graduation is looming very near.
Two more weeks, Thanksgiving Break, and then three more days
and I am done. It is surreal.
I graduate from BYU-I in December and what is more frightening
than that is they asked me to speak at graduation.
I freakin have no idea what to talk about!
Ideas are definitely wanted and welcomed.
I really don't want to do a lame, fluffy speech about
how great we are because we did it.

That bloggers is what is going on.
Sorry for being lame.
I still love ya!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday's Thought and Picture

I don't know where I got this poem but I love it.
It reminds me that life suffering is mandatory,
but misery and sorrow are optional.
Remember life is about rejoicing.
Happy Sunday to you all!

The Weaver

My life is but a weaving between my God and Me,
I cannot choose the colors He worketh steadily.

Ofttimes He weaveth sorrow, and I in foolish pride,
Forget that He seeth the upper, and I the underside.

Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly.
Shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful in the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares, nothing this truth can dim.
He gives His very best to those who leave the choice to Him.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silhouette Plates Tutorial

It has been a while since I've done a tutorial.
I have the best one to show you! We are making these
in my Crafts Class:

Silhouette Plates

I LOVE silhouettes. I love the classic look of them and the
simple beauty they have.
Someday when I am not in such a funky, young, single gal decorating
faze, I am going to decorate my house like this:
They are so fun.
Look at some of these:

I love that peacock one and it would be so
fun to do for Thanksgiving. (I am really into
the birds right now.)

1- I went to the D.I. and grabbed some cheap white
ceramic plates. You could probably find them some at
any discount/secondhand store. Wash them good.
2- Find a silhouette that you just enjoy and would want
to hang up. I love this little owl dude and can't wait to
hang him in my kitchen.3- Enlarge it or shrink it to the size you want it to appear
on your plate.
4- On the back of your picture take a #2 pencil and darken
the whole back. Tape the print to the plate.5- Using a tough pencil or pen, outline the shapes of your picture
to transfer it onto your plate. You will need to press hard.
The transfer will be light and lead.

6- Use a black fine tip sharpie marker to go over the outlines
left by the pencil.

7- After completed with the outline, use acrylic paint to paint
between the lines of the marker. I had to repaint mine about
three times to get rid of all the plate showing through. Paint
it a good solid black.
8- Once the paint is dry, apply three coats of Minwax Polycrylic
Protective Finish to the top of your plate. Let it dry about a
half an hour between each coat.
9- You're done! Hang that puppy on the wall and enjoy it often.
I found my plate hanger at Wal-mart.

If you want to eat on the plate you can do this whole process
on a clear plate. Make sure though that you on doing it on the back
or bottom of the plate. Paint your silhouette and once all dry,
spray paint it white over the silhouette. You will still be able
to see the silhouette when you turn the plate over. Be sure to apply
the Protective Finish and you will have to hand wash the plates.
But they would be gorgeous to eat on, right?

I'll be showing you it in the kitchen when I have it all hung up.
It is going to be so cute!
And I'll show you what my little 8th graders made.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Light Painting

{This is me and Mr. Friend in Mario Land.
I am sitting quite comfortably on a mushroom.
Mr. Friend is defeating the evil turtle shells.}

I loved this and I never knew how to do it before.
It is called light painting and you can do some crazy,
fun stuff. (Go google it and look at the images. It is fun!){Reminiscent of Star Wars}

We did this for FHE. It would be an awesome date.
I wish I'd had more time to play with it.
{I'm playing the drum quite poorly. Mr. Friend has the guitar
down pat.}

What you need:
Glow Sticks and flashlights
Lots of crazy people
and a dark, dark room

Settings on your SLR camera:
ISO: 1600 or 3200
Needs to be on Bulb
Low Aperture between 16-22

Then the fun begins. Hold down the button while
people in front of the camera go crazy with glow sticks.
My camera counts the seconds. I usually tried to keep it around
15 seconds per shot. If you want to see the people's faces flash
them with a flashlight right before releasing the button.
We were laughing hard. Definitely good times.
Maybe next time, we can be a bit more creative.