Thursday, November 18, 2010

Singing in the Rain

I hate seeing flowers on sale, especially if they are on
clearance. Usually, I can talk myself out of buying flowers.
First of all, they are frivolous. They don't feed me or clothe me.
Second, Mr. Friend has kept me well supplied as of late with
precious beauties to show off. (It is all I take pictures of anymore.)But... IT IS CHRISTMAS!!!
I got that warm, fuzzy feeling in my soul and I when I
saw these lovely poinsettias I just had to have them.
They are great. And red. And pretty. And red.
I like to decorate in red.

The big plans are:At midnight.
And I have to teach school tomorrow.
Crazy? Heck yes!!! I am still a college student after all!

And didn't you just LOVE Glee this week.
Singing in the Rain!! Oh my gosh, I about died.
Mr. Shou and I go back and forth. He makes me so mad
sometimes and then he does something that makes my heart
go patter. The crush may be restored briefly. Love the vests!

You think Mr. Shou and Gwyenth's character have some

Best Mash-up EVER!!!
And Puck in a suit.... hehe.... sorry I am having a hard time
getting over this.


Amy said...

Singing in the rain was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I so wanted to go play with them!! :)
I love Puck <3

Baby Sister said...

I am SO jealous you are going to see the midnight showing of HP...enjoy it for me!!

SilverNeurotic said...

Enjoy the movie! The last HP movie I saw was the third one (and parts of the fourth)...I read the books but I want to watch ALL the movies before I see this one.\

I'm two weeks behind with Glee, at least. I can't wait to finally catch up-eventually.

Laura Wynn said...

they look like they're having SO much fun!! Love it :) Let us know what you think of HP!