Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old News

I had good intentions when my brother came home.
Really, promise.
I was going to do a whole post about it. It was going
to be wonderful. However,this will have to do because as
you well know from the last, previous post: I'm lame.

It is old news, but news all the same. (Like 3 wks old, but
that may give you an idea about how hectic my life is.)
And I really like my pictures and want to share them.

I was so excited to see him enter off that plane.
I had to restrain myself not to tackle him. He was so big
and manly. He grew up. We've both changed so much since
seeing each other last and hopefully we can make some new
memories. I love him.
{Picture stolen from my sister. Me and Setherloo hugging.}
He brought a hecka lot of ties home.
It was a crazy weekend full of family, noise, food,
homework (for me), and lots of fun. We went up to Meadow
Lake to do some fishing. (I can't fish. I cry.) And I took lots of pictures.
It was a beautiful day by the lake. We made a fire and burned our
fingers off trying to heat everything up.
My brother loves to fish and I think enjoyed getting back into it.
I just like eating fish.
I played with the nieces and nephews by the lake.
And just enjoyed the day.
I like having one of my best friend home. It means
we get to do things together. This is another old tidbit,
from Halloween old, but fun to look at.
You'll never see a Russian general and Cruella de Vil
together again.{Isn't he cute?! And single...}
And yes, that is my real hair.

Thanks for putting up with the old news everyone.
I feel better about life now that it is off my list. :)

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Tara said...

Where did you guys go for Halloween?