Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Lame

Dear bloggers,
I am neglecting you again. My blog is lacking consistency
and interesting posts. I just can't seem to find time to write
all the things I have to tell you. Having a blog is like having
a child, it is a lot of responsibility. (I know not quite the same,
but I feel that my blog depends on me.) And I can't handle
having a child right now, even if is only in blog form.

My roommate is sick, sick, sick.
I am just a little sick.
She has to go to the hospital a lot.
I just cough, take Day-Quil, and whine about how my throat
is killing me. And try not to talk too much.
She had her gall bladder out and keeps throwing up.
My hair is greasy. (Not really relevant just needed something
to complain about.) Oh, I am really tired, too.
Her parents are staying with us. Our apartment is definitely only
made for two. It is far too little for four people. We get in each others
way and nerves. They are really nice people, feed me a lot, but I
can't wait to get my space back.
I feel bad for my roommate though.

Graduation is looming very near.
Two more weeks, Thanksgiving Break, and then three more days
and I am done. It is surreal.
I graduate from BYU-I in December and what is more frightening
than that is they asked me to speak at graduation.
I freakin have no idea what to talk about!
Ideas are definitely wanted and welcomed.
I really don't want to do a lame, fluffy speech about
how great we are because we did it.

That bloggers is what is going on.
Sorry for being lame.
I still love ya!


Baby Sister said...

I hope you two start feeling better!! Good luck getting your speech fun.

Laura Wynn said...

KENDRA! Dude! I get to meet you in December! We're both graduating, you are speaking, I'll be there! Are you speaking at convocation in the Taylor? Thats so cool!

the friendliest flower said...

kendra you are not lame! thats awesome you are speaking at your graduation! thank you for always posting the sweetest comments on my posts i love each and every one of them and they make my days alitte brighter :)*HUG*

Runtus Nerdificus said...

Whatever your speech is on, I dare you to sneak in a "meow". I had to give a talk in church two weeks ago and I got in a "meow" and two swear words, "hell" and "damn". Beat that.