Monday, November 15, 2010

Secrets Make Friends

I am such a crazy, crazy woman.
Most times I am so darn happy with things; I know
what I did was right and I have no doubts that my life
is going to be so much better. Other times, like on
Saturday I am hurt and confused. And my friend has
had a lot to do with that, the confusion that is.
(BTW, thank you all for all the kind words and
encouragement. I loved it and it truly made me feel cared about.)

I made a decision about him though.
I think that I like him a lot more then I was giving
myself credit for. He has been there for me and if
he wants to keep being there for me I shouldn't
punish him for caring.
And I am happy. And I hope it lasts.

Can I tell you how crazy I am...
I kissed him.
And I like him a lot.
Glutton for punishment? Probably.

The End.

P.S. I believe Christmas should start whenever
you feel the vibes. I am feeling it. I've decked out
my window and I'm listening to the music.

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the friendliest flower said...

everyone's crazy dont worry! thats great that you like him you shouldnt punish yourself about the whole thing just enjoy it. and i love the christmas music!!

Laura Wynn said...

AAA!! Ok, I seriously screamed out loud when I read that part about the kiss! Dang, girl. I wish I had your guts! and being neighbors sounds divine. Deal :)

Laura Wynn said...
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Baby Sister said...

I'm glad you found your happy spot. :) I hope it lasts too!! Yay for keeping the boy around. :)

And DOUBLE yay for Christmas music!!

Amy said...

I am definitely in the Christmas spirit, and secretly hoping for a white blanket of snow to stay so I can put up my Christmas tree. I also plan on watching at least 2 cheesy Christmas movies this weekend :)

The Medicine Woman said...

YEEHAW! Perhaps I am the black sheep for saying this, but I am super happy to read this post. I really liked Mr. Friend (the few minutes I was around him). If nothing else ever develops, perhaps Mr. Friend is a gift, a breath of fresh clean air to help you through hard times, to help you learn how to trust again, and to help prevent you from letting bitter, angry thoughts take control of your heart. Perhaps he will help you "dance in the rain." :)

Alynne Leigh said...

I just stumbled onto your blog, and I must admit, that I love your recent posts. :)
I've been listening to Christmas music since the first week of September. I can blame it on working in a department store, but I'm not sure that blame is the right word-I've been humming along the entire time. :)
I'm glad you've found happiness right now. And just remember: Everything happens for a reason, and don't worry about the little stuff - it will all work itself out in time :)

Annie said...

I am also in the Christmas spirit a bit early this year. I used to think you should have to wait til after Thanksgiving, but now I say if it makes you happy go for it!