Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Been Compared to a Ferrari

.... and I liked it!{image}

I like to think of myself as independent.
(A curse to my generation.)
So, I get a little upset when a man steps in to help
me carry the bags, open the door, and even get up off
the floor. I know that I should enjoy these things,
but I can't help myself when I assert firmly that
I can do it.

I got a chewing the other day for doing this very thing and
it made me very happy.

Mr. Wiggly-My-Toes and Make-Me-Really-Frustrated told me
to lay off. He said he knew that I was very capable of a great many
things and that opening the door and offering to help was not to be
taken that he thought of me as incapable of taking care of myself.
He said that he doesn't do nice things for me because I can't do them
for myself. He insisted that women aren't glass ornaments that men
need to take care of otherwise we'll break.
We are more like Ferrari's, a well designed and very capable,
fast machine that can take a dent as well
as another other car. But you treat a Ferrari nice because it
deserves special treatment.
Maybe even baby it. If you really like Ferrari's.

I am not a car person, but
I like that he opens my door, refuses to let me carry
anything if he isn't, and insists that I take his coat if I'm cold.
He makes me feel special, like a Ferrari.


Tara said...

That's a really cool analogy. I like it.

Laura Wynn said...

I LOVE that analogy, because I have the same problem! So now I will remember this and it will be better.
and curfew? what do you speak of? ;)

SilverNeurotic said...

I used to hate letting guys do all these things, but now I'm learning to actually enjoy it-once in awhile.

Baby Sister said...

That is an awesome analogy!! I like it. :)

Boyfriend is a gentleman like that, and I used to hate it, but now I love it. :)