Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Thank You!

I am so very grateful, very fitting for such a season.

I am young. I am naive. A lot of time very immature.
I don't think I am wise at all. My blog is all about my
learning some hard lessons, mixed in with all my silliness and
a little bit of journal writing.

But when I came out about my divorce and told about my
heartache there were a few people who really reached out to
me. I would sit at my computer aching for comfort and I found
it in my blogger friends. They left so many messages of hope,
encouragement, and kindness. People that I've never met before
suddenly cared about me and my life. Every comment was a treasure I didn't
expect. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

So when two of my good blogger friends have given me blog
awards in the last day, I just love them more.
(And it is a "Stylish Blogger Award" meaning my blog is stylish right?
I like simple, clean lines and designs. I always wondered if my color
schemes and layout were boring. But they make me happy.)

Thank you Laura! Thank you Mary Kate!
You are such lovely people and I send you an e-hug.
Friends forever? :)

I am suppose to share 7 things about myself:
1- I love naming cars. I think it really isn't that fun to drive
a car that doesn't have a name. And it has to be a name with
lots of personality, like Mildred, Betsy, and Dolores.

2- My mom bought a new alarm clock a few years back and my
dad couldn't stand it. I don't blame him really. Anyways, I inherited it
because I didn't have one and I am always vowing to myself that I am
going to go get a normal one. This cursed thing has birds for the wake-up
call. Annoying, doesn't-even-sound-like-birds, noises wake me up every
morning. Maybe part of the reason I am not a morning person.

3- I love ceramic jugs. I constantly find myself looking at them.
I talk myself out of buying them. They are so pretty.

4- I HATE, HATE folding socks. So I don't.

5- Window light is my favorite kind of light. I want a house
with lots of window and one of those round spire thingys that has
a bench I could read books at.

6- I love scarfs, but sadly only have two of them. They are just
so darn expensive.

7- I hate jeans. Dress pants or stretchy pants.

And these are seven people that I read quite often, besides
Laura and Mary Kate in no particular order:
-Baby Sister at La Esquina de la Estrellita, she is a happy person.
-Holly at Holly Knitlightly, she has a cute esty shop and it is really
easy to like her.
-Amy at life's a Journey with a smile, she has a lot of spirit about life and
isn't afraid to talk about things that hurt a little bit.
-Carlotta at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, who is the kind of photographer
that I want to be, maybe after school. She has cool hats too.
- Kate at (fill in the blank) blonde, I think this is her second or third
award but that is because she is soooo popular. Seriously, love her.
-Kam at Campfire Chic because she has lots of good ideas for
fun crafts and decorating that someday I'll have time for.
-Taylor at Anticipation!, she is really popular too. Probably why
we aren't friends, yet. :) But I like following her. She is really upbeat
and fun and gives me out of my box ideas about fashion.
-Okay, I know I was only suppose to have 7, but I really like Kaleena too!
(I know she already got one of these, but I am just reiterating her awesomeness.)

Enjoy the day dearies! It is a blizzard here and I am going to cuddle up
and stay warm reading a book. Luvs.


Amy said...

awww thank you!!!

I wish I named my car when I got her, because now I just feel weird to name a nameless one year old car.

I hate folding socks also... and laundry. I may or may not have 3 or 5 laundry baskets in my room mixed with clean and dirty laundry. My OCD boyfriend hates me for it... but he does it too now.

I love scarfs too... but I only buy cheap ones, my favourite scarf was from a 2 for $20 deal at one of those mall stand thingys

jeans make me depressed. I'm wearing track pants.

Taylor said...

Thank you Kendra! I appreciate the shout-out, it means a lot to me. It is so nice of you to think of me for an award. You're a sweetie :)

How are you enduring the blizzard!? It must be cool to have a white Thanksgiving! :) Hope you are able to stay in, enjoy it, and have copious amounts of turkey this week with the company of your family and friends :)

Baby Sister said...

Except for when I don't get my snow... ;) Thank you so much!! You're very sweet :)

I like naming cars too. It's fun!! :)