Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silhouette Plates Tutorial

It has been a while since I've done a tutorial.
I have the best one to show you! We are making these
in my Crafts Class:

Silhouette Plates

I LOVE silhouettes. I love the classic look of them and the
simple beauty they have.
Someday when I am not in such a funky, young, single gal decorating
faze, I am going to decorate my house like this:
They are so fun.
Look at some of these:

I love that peacock one and it would be so
fun to do for Thanksgiving. (I am really into
the birds right now.)

1- I went to the D.I. and grabbed some cheap white
ceramic plates. You could probably find them some at
any discount/secondhand store. Wash them good.
2- Find a silhouette that you just enjoy and would want
to hang up. I love this little owl dude and can't wait to
hang him in my kitchen.3- Enlarge it or shrink it to the size you want it to appear
on your plate.
4- On the back of your picture take a #2 pencil and darken
the whole back. Tape the print to the plate.5- Using a tough pencil or pen, outline the shapes of your picture
to transfer it onto your plate. You will need to press hard.
The transfer will be light and lead.

6- Use a black fine tip sharpie marker to go over the outlines
left by the pencil.

7- After completed with the outline, use acrylic paint to paint
between the lines of the marker. I had to repaint mine about
three times to get rid of all the plate showing through. Paint
it a good solid black.
8- Once the paint is dry, apply three coats of Minwax Polycrylic
Protective Finish to the top of your plate. Let it dry about a
half an hour between each coat.
9- You're done! Hang that puppy on the wall and enjoy it often.
I found my plate hanger at Wal-mart.

If you want to eat on the plate you can do this whole process
on a clear plate. Make sure though that you on doing it on the back
or bottom of the plate. Paint your silhouette and once all dry,
spray paint it white over the silhouette. You will still be able
to see the silhouette when you turn the plate over. Be sure to apply
the Protective Finish and you will have to hand wash the plates.
But they would be gorgeous to eat on, right?

I'll be showing you it in the kitchen when I have it all hung up.
It is going to be so cute!
And I'll show you what my little 8th graders made.


Mommy Ann said...

I like the bird on the wall, and I want that chair that's beneath it.

Kaleena J. said...

Wow! I honestly would never guess it could/would be that easy! I almost feel I could have thought of this on my own.

Thank you!!!

Tara said...

I love this idea! My head is swimming right now with all the possibilites!

Baby Sister said...

Oh wow. That is really cool!!