Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mini Art Show

I love art.
There is something so personal and challenging about it.
It makes me excited, happy, and very busy.
Memorizing numbers and vocabulary words is easy (personally),
but art offers a challenge that only the person
doing it can achieve. The only competition is with yourself.
And personal viewpoints and backgrounds only enhance
the work rather than deters from it.
Your art is your story. It comes only from you. You are the
person figuring out the puzzle and applying the meaning.
Isn't it so fun?

I think I seriously am going to have the best job in the world.
Who doesn't want to play with pencils, paint, and crafty stuff
all day? And I love the fact that I will maybe help others discover
their talents and what inspires them.
Yes, I am a crazy artist and I love it.

School has kept me very, very busy.
There is my final work sample portfolio that I've been stressing
over for the last month. It has to include a unit with 6-7 lesson plans,
assessments, adaptations, students work, and resources. I've
been scanning, printing, photographing, writing, stressing, organizing,
stressing, and perfecting this thing for the big day where I go in
front of a panel of professors and present it. And then they decide
based on it and my teaching whether I can be a teacher.
It is FINALLY done though. (Clap, please.)
I feel very accomplished, proud, and ready.

But my real pride is my students. They keep me on
my toes. Some days I come home thinking there is no way in
heavens I can do this. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING!
They are crazy, wild, uncooperative, and frustrating.
But then there are the rewarding days where I see them
break through a problem and feel good about what they have done.
I see them take pride in their work.
I see them try their best.
The days where I help them see the world a little different
are the bomb-diggity.
They make the crazy days worth it.

I'd thought I would show you a mini art show of some
of the more recent projects we have been working on.

Student Artwork:

Scratch art is where you scratch off the black to present
another color underneath. Students studied negative and
positive shapes. I wished these would photography better,
but the silver is so shiny I keep getting a glare.

I loved doing the wire sculptures.
They turned out so cool. I wish the pictures were better.

Last are the tape sculptures that go up tomorrow.
Students had to wrap themselves in tape to create life size
sculptures of themselves and make an installation in the school.
It is fun just to see the process.
I'll show you the final results when we get them up.

I wish I could have taken pictures of everything.
My classes are so good.

I will assure you there is more to come.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cruel Devils, Mona Lisa, and Some Guy

It is the weekend! I have never been so excited for
this blessed day called Friday. Crazy week. Running around,
forgetting appointments, losing my keys and my mind a million
times, but it is all over at last.
I am going to relax, eat my skittles, and take a shower to
get all the crap out of my hair.

Every time Halloween comes around I get a wee bit
stressed out. I am a creative sort of person and the
perfect idea is highly sought after. I stress and plan and
analyze. There are many factors to plug in. Mainly that I
have no money.

This year I wanted to be a California Raisin. Genius!
I would wear my black leggings, poke a hole in the top
of a black garbage bag, and spice it all up with some bows and
But I talked to a few people and I guess I am older than I
thought. No one knows what a California Raisin is anymore.

(And actually I only know because my Grandma use to have
cool little raisin figures that were oddly really fun to play with.)
Back to the drawing board....

Then I remembered that my all time favorite villain has got
to be that classy, sassy, crazy lady...
Cruella de Vil.
I just love the way her name is spelled.
And when asked how I'm doing, I want to reply
happily," Miserable, darling, as usual. Perfectly wretched."
She's got confidence that lady and mad driving skills.
I mean seriously you can't get better than her, especially
for the "mean" art teacher.

Exhibit A:Exhibit B:

(Like the ball right on top of my head?
I am totally going to draw in her eyebrows for tomorrow.)

Funny part is that I had a dentist appointment
right after school today. I changed into jeans and
marched right in.
I'm thinking of making it permanent.
It sure is a conversation starter.
(Guess my dad is right about the whole rebellious thing.)

And then another stress about Halloween is the whole
carving pumpkin thing. People tend to think because I am
all "artistic" or something like that that obviously beautiful
things just run down my hand and onto anything I touch.
I mess up many things before I get it just right. And
pumpkins have never been my strong point.
They are just so... round, gooey, and uncooperative.
So when Mrs. CT asked if I wanted to be her partner for
the faculty pumpkin carving contest, I hesitated.
I had to though. She gives me my grade. :)

Guess who won?!

Yes, that is the Mona Lisa.
And people say it was difficult.
(Just a bit.)

But more than anything, the real stress
this week has come from this:

But I'll explain that tomorrow.

P.S. Hello, hello new friends! I am happy you have
joined my party.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Contest

Why hello! After what seems like a really long weekend
with my newly returned brother and family I feel very
disconnected from the world, not to mention I have a
thousand lesson plans to catch up on.
(Sometimes I am very grateful that student teaching is
pass or fail. Just kidding!) :)

Anyways, I don't have much time to post.
I am doing a quicky here and just giving you a picture
from this weekend and a contest to enter.
Carlotta from "pastor's girl's ponderings" has a lovely
idea for a photo contest.
The theme is color.
Feel free to enter.
Fun for all.

My photo is my nephew whom I call Monkey.
I love the complementary colors is this photo.
The yellow truck, with yellow-orange leaves, contrasted
by his cute blue overalls.
I don't know if we can have people in our
pictures, but I can't resist him.


{raw photo, no editing, no time}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't know. I just don't know.
There is this boy that is messing with my head.
I like him a lot and I like where I am with our
relationship, but he wants more. We've
talked about it and he says he will wait till I am ready
cuz you know I got a lot of crap to work through.
But I just feel like I am stalling the inevitable.
I kinda know that I'll probably date him, but right
now I just need time.

He is just so nice.
And he treats me so good.
I just don't know.
Is this a curse for girls? Thinking too much?

Quote This.

Try to make at least three people smile everyday.

Realize that life is school and you are here to learn. Problems
are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away
like algebra class, but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

Life isn't fair, but it is good.
Life is too short to waste time hating someone.

Don't take yourself too seriously. No one else does.

Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their
journey is all about.

What other people think of you is none of your business."Simplicity is pure sophistication."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Best Friend Home with Honor

My best friend is coming home this week from Canada.
And my best friend happens to be my little brother.
And if you saw him, you would laugh at my calling him
little. We are about 14 months apart and I use to tell
everyone that we were twins, which we could have been
because we look alike:
Don't you just want to pinch him?
See I haven't seen my best bud in about two years.
And ironically, I am not much of a writer. So, I feel kind
of like I am getting my long lost friend back that I don't know
anymore. But I can definitely think about all the good times
we had. See Seth (my little brother) he is really slow getting
ready in the mornings which just irks me to no end. We had
many a fight about being on time, he punched a hole in my bedroom
door, and I drove really fast out of rage.

But that was made up with all our many conversations. I
would tell him all about girls and who to date (it was my duty as
big sister.) My friends were his friends, and I liked how he use
to come to me for help. I'd tell him how to pass Mrs. Scott's
English class with an A and what to wear.
And I would get him to lift things for me and protect me.
I miss him a great deal.
Can't wait to hug him to death.
Maybe a kiss or two on the cheek.(doesn't he have massive hands?)

But the weird thing is that I feel that I don't know
him anymore. He is all adult now and why would he
needs his silly older-sister-by-only-14 months help him
or give advice? I hope he still likes me.
He is a man now.

My little Setherloo has been what we call a missionary
for the last two years. Elder Setherloo. Cute.
He is all wise now. He was called by a prophet for a special
purpose to spread the gospel.
I never did that.

Guess it is time he taught me.

I can kiss him though. He never liked doing that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hitler was an Artist, Who Knew

Interesting fact....
Hitler was intent on become an artist, but he failed
twice the art academy's admission test. His drawing
skills were called "unsatisfactory."
I happen to think that his drawing skills are quite
promising and it is sad (not just for him) that he was never
given the opportunity to study under a graphic designer
or a painter.
In Vienna, he would spend hours looking at the
magnificent architecture using his inheritance to go
to opera, paint, and wander the streets.

Hitler's rise has been amounted to nothing more
than dumb luck. But if one
looks at his eager mind to assimilate, synthesize, and apply
the influences of his day, it makes sense for him to do so.
Hitler had his own version of artistic means of influence-
the poetic oratory and elegant designs.
I have to admit that it is a little weird to think
of Hitler as an artist. Even more so that I find
myself appreciating his work.

I don't know that one yet.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Fall feels like a transitory state.
You can feel change in the air; like the earth is
holding its breath until winter decides to come.

Change is a funny thing. It is good. It is bad. And
yes, it hurts.
I look back on this summer as one that I will never forget.
I started out married, lying about who I was, and very miserable.
I had to face some hard facts about myself and my mistakes.
I had to cry a lot, pray a lot, and grow a lot of strength.
I had to readjust my convictions.

I don't recommend what I went through.
But my life is so good now. It isn't simple. Never easy.
But extremely good.
I find myself divorced and completely happy and ready
for this transitory state.

I feel good about who I am. I am becoming daily the
person I want to become. My Heavenly Father
believes in me.

Today is good.
I just want to smile and enjoy the sunshine.
Take in life and it's wonderment.
Love it.
Someone gave me a big bottle of confidence
and I am still just enjoying the side effects.

And I am going to keep soaking it up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What to do with Blogger's Block and Togas

I have a huge case of writer's block. I don't consider myself a
writer. Writer can be bloggers, but I think bloggers are different than
writers. Considering I don't really consider myself a blogger either
(blogger have interesting things to think and blog about and I have
writer's block for about two weeks now, so I guess I could say that I
have blogger's block)
I don't really know what I am talking about.
Are you following me?

Anyways... about my blogger's block, I don't really
have much to say, which makes for a really boring blog right?

Sometimes I just really want
to send my students to the bathroom to pop their zits. They
have some really juicy ones. I love popping those kind.

Like I said, I have blogger's block.
I thought about blogging about my art, but I haven't done
any. I thought about teaching, but like I said the most interesting
aspect there is the plump zits. I thought about talking about men,
but I'm ALL BUT MIFFED about them. And then I thought about food.
Food is a safe subject to blog about. Everyone loves food and everyone
has experience with food. But sadly I am in a continuous cycle
of Ramen noodles and after the guilt sets in a nice salad.
Which got me thinking about my clothes. Well, more specifically
why my clothes aren't fitting. The tight, uncomfortable little buggers.
I hate jeans. They are too honest to me.
I don't like the stretchy ones, because lets be honest
I am complete woman here WITH curves and why do
I want some guy staring at my butt poured into skin tight, stretchy
jeans. Which got me thinking about togas because they
look so nice and breezy and loose. They would lie up a storm to you
about your weight and lie loosely over all the curves.
I would look hecka good in a toga. Those Romans were smart people.
Get a toga and you don't have anything to worry about when you eat.
Which means you COULD EAT.
Which means I could probably blog something clever about food,
including pictures to make you all jealous.

Yep, I have blogger's block.

{image via}

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

If I was ever a creepy stalker... I hope that I could be just as cute as Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland.) I love her chic clothes. The earrings are so fun. Her hair is to die for. And I love, love this song. It has been in my head all day long.

P.S. I want a pair of leopard print gloves.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Musings

I haven't done my Monday's Musings for a while and
while I know it isn't Monday, I do have some musings.
So, Sunday's Musings here we go:

1- When I have a nail break or chip it doesn't matter what is
going on at that time or who I am with
I want to file that sucker down. I rub it against my jeans or
anything I can find. I never bite though.
And I have to have all my nails the same length.
And I can't stand having my nails short. I feel naked.

2-I have one freckle on my palm. I love it for some reason.

3- I hate whiskers, or beards, or mustaches on men. I like me
a clean shaven gent. I have this theory that your attachment
(or dis-attachment) to facial hair comes from whether
your dad had it (or didn't.)
Mine didn't. Thus, I think facial hair is gross.

4- If subtitles are on, even if the show is in English, I always end up reading
them. We have them set on our TV right now and I can't figure out how
to get them off. It is annoying me.

5- This is the funniest thing. It is called Personas. If you don't know
about it, you should. Since getting my new computer I've been using
Mozilla Firefox browser. If you are using the same, which you should
because all my nerdy computer science friends tell me its is safer,
follow this link to dress up your browser in all sorts of fun ways.
I like these:

But I'm wear Mr. Dr. Seuss right now
(I really like that I Love Lucy one though):Yep, I'm changing it.

6- Do you love your grapes frozen?
I do. They are delightful little balls of icy goodness.
I buy grapes just to freeze them.

7- I don't know whether to be sad or glad it is fall.
I love the colors that fall produces, but at the same time it
is the end of summer and the green. However, I love the smell of
winter and how it pricks your nose. Fall is a transitory state-
a pretty one.

{pictures from a walk I went on today}

8- I hated pineapple when I was younger, but I love it now.
I still hate coconut though.

9- I am only mentioning this because my roommate and I were
discussing it, but I love nibble kissers. You know, like a tiny little
lip nibble is cute to me.

10- I collect quotes. I have at least three books full of quotes
I've written down.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who Said I Couldn't Be Sue

(Me photoshopped as Sue Slyvester)

Will: Inside, you're a really good person. I appreciate what you're doing for these kids. I won't forget it.
Sue: I'm seriously gonna puke in your mouth.

As today is dedicated to lesson planning I thought I'd take
a little enjoyment and play around with my photoshop.
And now... onward and upward!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Sleep Around

.... it is always the kids that suffer.
I guess his name is Zonkey.
Got this in an email and I about died laughing.
Isn't he so adorably cute?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Blog,

{my other friend, me, Anna}

I am sorry that I am ignoring you. It has been hecka busy lately and I just don't feel the urge to write. Anna (my best friend from HS) has come to live with me for four days every week this whole month. She is doing her rotations for her internship and doesn't want to drive home (which is an hour away) every night. It is fun to have her. It means really good times laughing and talking and singing to Glee and reminiscing, but not enough time doing my lesson plans and concentrating on my homework and writing on you. I love her though. Last night is exactly what I needed to relax. We went to a museum. We made chicken Alfredo pizza. We watched our missed Glee episode. We went and stood in the rain and then had our own water fight. Joy. (I had another friend join us as well.)

Oh and teaching, blog, well...

Teaching has become more and more just an extremely interesting experience. How naive I went into the classroom with my idealistic philosophies of education. It is a completely different experience studying how to teach students and doing it. I feel I am more student than teacher, for they teach me everyday what I do wrong. There is a universal truth that students don't stay on task 100% of the time and the concept of silence is almost laughable. (I've been tempted more than once to follow Mother's advice and carry around a yardstick and every once in a while slam it on the table.)

The dynamics and the enormous amount of responsibility overwhelm me often. I feel like a mother hen with all my little chicks chirping "Ms. Hansen, Ms. Hansen, Ms. Hansen!" I say "sit down" a million times in a day. And of course, "I'm waiting." I repeat myself over and over. I learned the names of those who've tried my patient and still trying to master those who are quiet and cooperative. All the techniques I learned in my methods classes at college don't seem to come to my head when facing 30 students all with different needs and personalities. There are so many situations that I've never thought about. I'm learning to relax. Learning is a noisy, sometimes messy experience. It is tough. I can't hear myself think and I forget to follow the discipline actions outlined. I just want to get through my content wanting my students to listen rather than do. I am recognizing now that activity is good and I'm becoming a "tough" women in implementing discipline.

I am learning that teaching takes place in a dynamic environment with extreme variables that I must monitor and try to adjust to. I am simply directing students in pursuit of their own education. Teaching is definitely an adventure. Every day is different, every situation new.

But that is why I've been really busy blog. I am sorry for the neglect.
Ms. Hansen (a.k.a Kendra Sue)

Monday, October 4, 2010

And the Students Pull Ahead

I was the perfect student. I just know it.
I wish I had thirty of me, perfect little me's, sitting in my classroom
eager to hang on every word I say. Then I might
feel like I was doing well teaching.

(Because I am not going to tell you all that there are
a few choice students that I could just, you know... kick
really hard, or something.
I'm a professional.
Professionals don't want to kick their students, or spray them down with
a super-soaker water gun, or duct tape them to their seats,
or stuff a million sock down their mouth.
Professionals know how to handle situations where students just
rub you the wrong way. And I'm going have to delete this post
before I ever get a job. And professionals wouldn't have to do that.)

Yep, I had a rough day at school.
(Remember I am still a students so I can complain
about how hard school is. And how much I hate Monday
because it means I have a whole week of school left.
Students be nice to your teachers!)

But I can't complain about my weekend. I joined the Mormon
force down in Utah to attend General Conference. GC is where
we listen to our leaders tell us all sorts of good stuff and feel that
nice warm feeling we call the spirit. We find way to be better,
and I really like that.

My whole branch left
at 4:30 in the morn on Sat. and returned at 2 in the morn on Sunday.
Not usually my tradition for GC.
Usually I make a mighty breakfast, leave on the PJs,
and watch GC from the comfort of my couch, but not this time.
I didn't watch much on Sunday. I slept. A lot.
Good thing there is the Ensign.
And we can find it here.
What is your General Conference tradition?

P.S. Don't you just love her nails? Watermelon! Genius!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Um.... I want to be straight with you and talk about a very
embarrassing problem.
Be nice.

I won't be offended if you want to skip reading
this one. If you have a weak stomach and all.

I sweat. Yep, I am a sweater.
Tacos... I make them all day.
Some big. Some small. But they are there.
Nasty little buggers.

I can't just go to my closet and pick something out.
I have to think about the weather and how my pits are
going to react with the material. I can't wear somethings.
(Maybe shouldn't is a better word, because I still wear them.
Like the purple shirt I wore two days ago for my university evaluation,
(which I should have known better: I sweat when I get nervous.)
I ended going home at lunch wearing my coat to cover myself.
I changed into a sweater. Sweaters are usually thick enough.)

I have a box of deodorants that I've tried.
(probably a year or twos worth)
Clinical Protection. Good smelling ones. The hard stuff.
You name one, I've tried it I am sure.

And I've give up.
My brand right now is Woman's Degree Clinical Protection
Classic Romance.
I still sweat, but I don't stink as bad.

Friends make secrets.
They usually keep them too.