Monday, October 18, 2010

Hitler was an Artist, Who Knew

Interesting fact....
Hitler was intent on become an artist, but he failed
twice the art academy's admission test. His drawing
skills were called "unsatisfactory."
I happen to think that his drawing skills are quite
promising and it is sad (not just for him) that he was never
given the opportunity to study under a graphic designer
or a painter.
In Vienna, he would spend hours looking at the
magnificent architecture using his inheritance to go
to opera, paint, and wander the streets.

Hitler's rise has been amounted to nothing more
than dumb luck. But if one
looks at his eager mind to assimilate, synthesize, and apply
the influences of his day, it makes sense for him to do so.
Hitler had his own version of artistic means of influence-
the poetic oratory and elegant designs.
I have to admit that it is a little weird to think
of Hitler as an artist. Even more so that I find
myself appreciating his work.

I don't know that one yet.


Baby Sister said...

That surprises me too...and that fact that he's pretty darn talented.

Carina said...

Wow i cant help imagining what he could have achieved and offered to the art world...

xx Carina said...

Now that was a very interesting post Kendra. I knew he was an artist but I love the way you have presented all the material and facts. By the way I'm to say Hi from Meg's Life as part of the game...but I'd say Hi anyway!

Mommy Ann said...

This is sad. I think he's a good artist also, even tho I'm not a pro. But it's tragic he couldn't become famous as an artist instead of the murders and war and the devastation he caused. The people that died because of him is mind boggling. What an absolute waste!

carlotta said...

I agree with Carina...if only he could have become an artist, maybe the world wouldn't have experienced so much hurt. His paintings are beautiful.

Tara said...

Wow. Learned something. I love the third piece. That is moving.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Whoa. I never knew this. And I definitely agree with Carina and Carlotta.