Sunday, October 17, 2010


Fall feels like a transitory state.
You can feel change in the air; like the earth is
holding its breath until winter decides to come.

Change is a funny thing. It is good. It is bad. And
yes, it hurts.
I look back on this summer as one that I will never forget.
I started out married, lying about who I was, and very miserable.
I had to face some hard facts about myself and my mistakes.
I had to cry a lot, pray a lot, and grow a lot of strength.
I had to readjust my convictions.

I don't recommend what I went through.
But my life is so good now. It isn't simple. Never easy.
But extremely good.
I find myself divorced and completely happy and ready
for this transitory state.

I feel good about who I am. I am becoming daily the
person I want to become. My Heavenly Father
believes in me.

Today is good.
I just want to smile and enjoy the sunshine.
Take in life and it's wonderment.
Love it.
Someone gave me a big bottle of confidence
and I am still just enjoying the side effects.

And I am going to keep soaking it up.


Baby Sister said...

You inspire me. Thanks for this. :)

Tara said...

Yes, H.F. does believe in you, and so does so many other people. Love you!