Monday, October 4, 2010

And the Students Pull Ahead

I was the perfect student. I just know it.
I wish I had thirty of me, perfect little me's, sitting in my classroom
eager to hang on every word I say. Then I might
feel like I was doing well teaching.

(Because I am not going to tell you all that there are
a few choice students that I could just, you know... kick
really hard, or something.
I'm a professional.
Professionals don't want to kick their students, or spray them down with
a super-soaker water gun, or duct tape them to their seats,
or stuff a million sock down their mouth.
Professionals know how to handle situations where students just
rub you the wrong way. And I'm going have to delete this post
before I ever get a job. And professionals wouldn't have to do that.)

Yep, I had a rough day at school.
(Remember I am still a students so I can complain
about how hard school is. And how much I hate Monday
because it means I have a whole week of school left.
Students be nice to your teachers!)

But I can't complain about my weekend. I joined the Mormon
force down in Utah to attend General Conference. GC is where
we listen to our leaders tell us all sorts of good stuff and feel that
nice warm feeling we call the spirit. We find way to be better,
and I really like that.

My whole branch left
at 4:30 in the morn on Sat. and returned at 2 in the morn on Sunday.
Not usually my tradition for GC.
Usually I make a mighty breakfast, leave on the PJs,
and watch GC from the comfort of my couch, but not this time.
I didn't watch much on Sunday. I slept. A lot.
Good thing there is the Ensign.
And we can find it here.
What is your General Conference tradition?

P.S. Don't you just love her nails? Watermelon! Genius!


Brittney Schermerhorn said...

Wow, love your blog! I'm a student too, (high school, haha) so I can totally relate about tons of stuff you write about.
Found you on Meg's Mingle Monday post.
I'm your newest follower! :D

have a great rest of the day!

Brittney Schermerhorn said...
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Baby Sister said...

Hmmm...pj's and a snack. I usually color or cross's fun. :)

Sounds like a fun weekend...sorry school is being the pits. Sometimes it's just not fun.

I love her nails. :)

Celia said...

Teaching has always seemed so hard to me, just from my own observations as a student in a classroom. 60% of the kids are either unwilling or apathetic to learning.

I wish you the best of luck as a teacher. It's a tough job~

Tara said...

I want nails like hers!!

R. says you called this weekend, we were out of town. He didnt' save your message and I can't quite remember your #. me again.

Loves sent your way.