Friday, October 29, 2010

Cruel Devils, Mona Lisa, and Some Guy

It is the weekend! I have never been so excited for
this blessed day called Friday. Crazy week. Running around,
forgetting appointments, losing my keys and my mind a million
times, but it is all over at last.
I am going to relax, eat my skittles, and take a shower to
get all the crap out of my hair.

Every time Halloween comes around I get a wee bit
stressed out. I am a creative sort of person and the
perfect idea is highly sought after. I stress and plan and
analyze. There are many factors to plug in. Mainly that I
have no money.

This year I wanted to be a California Raisin. Genius!
I would wear my black leggings, poke a hole in the top
of a black garbage bag, and spice it all up with some bows and
But I talked to a few people and I guess I am older than I
thought. No one knows what a California Raisin is anymore.

(And actually I only know because my Grandma use to have
cool little raisin figures that were oddly really fun to play with.)
Back to the drawing board....

Then I remembered that my all time favorite villain has got
to be that classy, sassy, crazy lady...
Cruella de Vil.
I just love the way her name is spelled.
And when asked how I'm doing, I want to reply
happily," Miserable, darling, as usual. Perfectly wretched."
She's got confidence that lady and mad driving skills.
I mean seriously you can't get better than her, especially
for the "mean" art teacher.

Exhibit A:Exhibit B:

(Like the ball right on top of my head?
I am totally going to draw in her eyebrows for tomorrow.)

Funny part is that I had a dentist appointment
right after school today. I changed into jeans and
marched right in.
I'm thinking of making it permanent.
It sure is a conversation starter.
(Guess my dad is right about the whole rebellious thing.)

And then another stress about Halloween is the whole
carving pumpkin thing. People tend to think because I am
all "artistic" or something like that that obviously beautiful
things just run down my hand and onto anything I touch.
I mess up many things before I get it just right. And
pumpkins have never been my strong point.
They are just so... round, gooey, and uncooperative.
So when Mrs. CT asked if I wanted to be her partner for
the faculty pumpkin carving contest, I hesitated.
I had to though. She gives me my grade. :)

Guess who won?!

Yes, that is the Mona Lisa.
And people say it was difficult.
(Just a bit.)

But more than anything, the real stress
this week has come from this:

But I'll explain that tomorrow.

P.S. Hello, hello new friends! I am happy you have
joined my party.


Baby Sister said...

I love your Cruella De Vil!! It totally looks awesome!! Oh, and your pumpkin too!! :D

the friendliest flower said...

love your cruelle de vil costume! it looks so good!

Laura Wynn said...

That costume us is AMAZING!!! and that pumpkin! oh. my. You've got skillz ;)

Seester said...

Love the costume, Kendra! I would not have the patience to carve that pumpkin, but then, I am not artistic at all. I have run into a few Cruella's throughout the years. My favorite line is, "Get me my PUPPIES!". Something like that. I don't know who has the plastic wrap around their head, but that story can't be pretty.

Mommy Ann said...

Cute costume. ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!

Kaleena J. said...

You look great! One of the better costumes I've seen this year.