Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What to do with Blogger's Block and Togas

I have a huge case of writer's block. I don't consider myself a
writer. Writer can be bloggers, but I think bloggers are different than
writers. Considering I don't really consider myself a blogger either
(blogger have interesting things to think and blog about and I have
writer's block for about two weeks now, so I guess I could say that I
have blogger's block)
I don't really know what I am talking about.
Are you following me?

Anyways... about my blogger's block, I don't really
have much to say, which makes for a really boring blog right?

Sometimes I just really want
to send my students to the bathroom to pop their zits. They
have some really juicy ones. I love popping those kind.

Like I said, I have blogger's block.
I thought about blogging about my art, but I haven't done
any. I thought about teaching, but like I said the most interesting
aspect there is the plump zits. I thought about talking about men,
but I'm ALL BUT MIFFED about them. And then I thought about food.
Food is a safe subject to blog about. Everyone loves food and everyone
has experience with food. But sadly I am in a continuous cycle
of Ramen noodles and after the guilt sets in a nice salad.
Which got me thinking about my clothes. Well, more specifically
why my clothes aren't fitting. The tight, uncomfortable little buggers.
I hate jeans. They are too honest to me.
I don't like the stretchy ones, because lets be honest
I am complete woman here WITH curves and why do
I want some guy staring at my butt poured into skin tight, stretchy
jeans. Which got me thinking about togas because they
look so nice and breezy and loose. They would lie up a storm to you
about your weight and lie loosely over all the curves.
I would look hecka good in a toga. Those Romans were smart people.
Get a toga and you don't have anything to worry about when you eat.
Which means you COULD EAT.
Which means I could probably blog something clever about food,
including pictures to make you all jealous.

Yep, I have blogger's block.

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Baby Sister said...

Lol. Just for the record, I love this post. And I love your blog. :)

Kate said...

Ahaha. So gross about the zits but that's hilarious. I know it's awful but I just can't resist popping them! Too-tight jeans are definitely annoying :( I think the worst feeling is wearing a tight formal dress to an event that includes dinner and after eating you get that feeling like you can barely breathe without busting the seams. And it's times like those when having a toga would be totally awesome :)

Anonymous said...

This post is so funny! And I agree that togas would be so much more comfortable than the tight pants that are so in vogue right now. Though I may or may not own a pair or two myself.