Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I don't know. I just don't know.
There is this boy that is messing with my head.
I like him a lot and I like where I am with our
relationship, but he wants more. We've
talked about it and he says he will wait till I am ready
cuz you know I got a lot of crap to work through.
But I just feel like I am stalling the inevitable.
I kinda know that I'll probably date him, but right
now I just need time.

He is just so nice.
And he treats me so good.
I just don't know.
Is this a curse for girls? Thinking too much?


Laura Wynn said...

oh yes, it is our curse. But, you gotta go with your instincts. If you feel like you need time, take it. Nothing worse than being in a relationship were you still feel all unsure about it. (sorry, this is longer than I meant it to be) Good luck, Kendra Sue!

the friendliest flower said...

i agree with laura, just take your time and if he waits for you to be ready he's worth it and if he doesn't youre amazing and will find someone better! but don't worry too much about it :)

Brittney S. said...

Trust me... YES, it's a curse. :( I'm 15 and in high school so I most DEFINITELY know what you're talking about.

Good luck.


Baby Sister said...

Yes, we do tend to think too much for our own good. But just follow your heart and trust in it and I'm sure you'll be fine. Take whatever time you need. If it's right, then he'll wait.

Kate said...

Yep, I definitely think waaay too much myself, pretty sure that just happens to all of us ladies. If you need the time, allow yourself to have it, and if you're not ready yet, don't push yourself into something you're not ready for. Just remember that things always work out in time, and in the meanwhile I'll hope for the best for you :)

By the way, sorry I haven't been able to comment back much lately, but I've been super swamped with school and everything. You've had a lot of good posts recently. I love that pic of you in the camo pants... so b.a.! ;)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Thinking too much is TOTALLY a curse. I overthink EVERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYTHINGGGGGGGG. Ugh. It's annoying and very frustrating. I definitely agree with Laura, and I hope everything goes well! You deserve to be incredibly happy.