Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Musings

I haven't done my Monday's Musings for a while and
while I know it isn't Monday, I do have some musings.
So, Sunday's Musings here we go:

1- When I have a nail break or chip it doesn't matter what is
going on at that time or who I am with
I want to file that sucker down. I rub it against my jeans or
anything I can find. I never bite though.
And I have to have all my nails the same length.
And I can't stand having my nails short. I feel naked.

2-I have one freckle on my palm. I love it for some reason.

3- I hate whiskers, or beards, or mustaches on men. I like me
a clean shaven gent. I have this theory that your attachment
(or dis-attachment) to facial hair comes from whether
your dad had it (or didn't.)
Mine didn't. Thus, I think facial hair is gross.

4- If subtitles are on, even if the show is in English, I always end up reading
them. We have them set on our TV right now and I can't figure out how
to get them off. It is annoying me.

5- This is the funniest thing. It is called Personas. If you don't know
about it, you should. Since getting my new computer I've been using
Mozilla Firefox browser. If you are using the same, which you should
because all my nerdy computer science friends tell me its is safer,
follow this link to dress up your browser in all sorts of fun ways.
I like these:

But I'm wear Mr. Dr. Seuss right now
(I really like that I Love Lucy one though):Yep, I'm changing it.

6- Do you love your grapes frozen?
I do. They are delightful little balls of icy goodness.
I buy grapes just to freeze them.

7- I don't know whether to be sad or glad it is fall.
I love the colors that fall produces, but at the same time it
is the end of summer and the green. However, I love the smell of
winter and how it pricks your nose. Fall is a transitory state-
a pretty one.

{pictures from a walk I went on today}

8- I hated pineapple when I was younger, but I love it now.
I still hate coconut though.

9- I am only mentioning this because my roommate and I were
discussing it, but I love nibble kissers. You know, like a tiny little
lip nibble is cute to me.

10- I collect quotes. I have at least three books full of quotes
I've written down.


Baby Sister said...

I agree about clean shaven. I make Boyfriend shave every day.

Kate said...

SAME about my nails. And here I thought I was the only person who resorted to "filing" them on my jeans, haha. But man oh man do different length nails drive me nuts.

the friendliest flower said...

i totally relate to number ten, i have about 2 huge books with quotes written in them and about 10 documents on my computer dedicated to them.

Julie @ said...

Hi from Mingle Monday! I am the opposite of you in the fact that I love manly facial hair. But, my dad has always had facial hair, so I think you just might be correct in your theory. Like you, I do love quotes and am always jotting one down at any given moment.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Oooh frozen grapes are GOOD! Haha. And for some reason I love it when subtitles are on.