Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Best Friend Home with Honor

My best friend is coming home this week from Canada.
And my best friend happens to be my little brother.
And if you saw him, you would laugh at my calling him
little. We are about 14 months apart and I use to tell
everyone that we were twins, which we could have been
because we look alike:
Don't you just want to pinch him?
See I haven't seen my best bud in about two years.
And ironically, I am not much of a writer. So, I feel kind
of like I am getting my long lost friend back that I don't know
anymore. But I can definitely think about all the good times
we had. See Seth (my little brother) he is really slow getting
ready in the mornings which just irks me to no end. We had
many a fight about being on time, he punched a hole in my bedroom
door, and I drove really fast out of rage.

But that was made up with all our many conversations. I
would tell him all about girls and who to date (it was my duty as
big sister.) My friends were his friends, and I liked how he use
to come to me for help. I'd tell him how to pass Mrs. Scott's
English class with an A and what to wear.
And I would get him to lift things for me and protect me.
I miss him a great deal.
Can't wait to hug him to death.
Maybe a kiss or two on the cheek.(doesn't he have massive hands?)

But the weird thing is that I feel that I don't know
him anymore. He is all adult now and why would he
needs his silly older-sister-by-only-14 months help him
or give advice? I hope he still likes me.
He is a man now.

My little Setherloo has been what we call a missionary
for the last two years. Elder Setherloo. Cute.
He is all wise now. He was called by a prophet for a special
purpose to spread the gospel.
I never did that.

Guess it is time he taught me.

I can kiss him though. He never liked doing that.


Baby Sister said...

I always had a hard time when my siblings came home as well, because I was so young none of them recognized me and it was just slightly hard.

But I'm sure you two will have great times getting to know each other again!! Yay!!

Tara said...

You two will be tearing it up again in a few hours. And, I can guarantee that he'll still like you! I love the pics you chose, Kendra.