Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Baby

There is something really happy about a new baby.
They are so fresh and so dependent on you for help.
And I have this thing where I like to know that I am needed
or at least wanted.

But the absolute sweetest thing ever is a daddy with their
baby girl. I LOVE dads with their daughters.
I can't explain how happy it makes me, especially when the
daddy is my own brother. My brothers are exceptionally good
men. Just look how awesome my youngest brother is:
You can tell he is one heck of a man. And single.
He gives great massages and carries your luggage in airports.
But I didn't tell you that. I promised I would ease up about the
whole dating thing.

Anyho, I'm in Alaska, crazy the places I find myself; getting
to hang out with my new niece, Hailey Suzanne. (I actually
have two new nieces born on the same day, but one
happens to be adventuring in Japan.)
Who is perfectly adorable, no?

1 comment:

Baby Sister said...

Awww, she's so cute!! And she has so much hair!!