Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Crazy, but Only in Groups

I have confirmed myself as having koumpounophobia.
(And here I thought I was just crazy my whole life .)

Today was a glorious day, for it was the day that
I found that I am/was not alone in my fear of buttons.

I guess there a certain degrees of severity to the phobia,
ranging from cringing to vomiting. I can't remember a time where
I haven't been afraid of buttons. Although,
it has lessened quite a bit since I've grown older.

I remember one distinct time when I was in kindergarten
and my dear, sweet mother made me wear a
shirt that had CLEAR buttons on it.
I bawled and gagged! I just wanted to throw up. Yew, yew!
I wore my coat all day just so I wouldn't have to see
those clear buttons. I think I cried all day too.
It was a tramatic experience that is really funny now.

A lot of people with the phobia can't stand any kind of plastic button.
It is only clear, plastic buttons that I can't stand.
They are so gross and give me the willies.
I'm 22 and I still can't wear them. Pathetic.
On dress pants, those clear buttons on the inside, I have to cut
them off or make sure there is a piece of fabric between the button and me,
because I can't stand them touching my skin.

So, laugh if you will, but there are others out there.
And did you know there is a fear of belly buttons?
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