Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There have been countless wise words written about
life; and its difficulties, joys, heartaches, and goodness
have graced many books, movies, and blogs.
{probably in that order}
Many people romantize it, but I think we all know
it is a tough job.
And this blog is just another about life: my life.
I promise to write about
hope, love,heartache, pain, transitions,
happiness, tears, and events pertaining to it.
I like the idea of being open and honest.
I ain't a wise woman.
But there is something comforting in writing
and hoping that others read your words
and understand you just a little.
And something cool about knowing that
I can make a new friend a thousand miles away.
So... welcome to the "business of creating."
Come join me for awhile.

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