Friday, July 30, 2010

Laptop Cover

I have struck again.
I use to say that every genius needed a place to make a mess,
(This was usually my excuse for the disaster in my room.)
but I think its just me.
Scissors, tape, glue, pins, spools of thread, and bits of fabric are
inevitably everywhere when I try to get in touch with my
"crafty side." Usually by the time I'm frustrated and have thrown
the "craft" across the room it is held together by duct tape.
(No real crafty person would dare touch the stuff, but I find solutions.)

Yes, I can't sew and you won't find me on Etsy.
But, I am proud to present:
My Laptop Cover.
After a miserable first attempt, I did finally finish the second.
I like it a lot. I was going to have instructions on how to make one,
but I really honestly don't know how I did it.
So, I did use a combination of this one and this one (hehe) and
I wish I'd found this one before I started.
Knock yourself out you ultra crafty people.

I did do something on purpose.
Maybe you noticed how cute these little lovelies were:

They are so easy too.

Cut out a large circle. Proceed to cut out smaller and smaller
circles until you have a small little stack.
I like to have my circles a little lopsided and bumpy.
It makes them more fun to look at.

Run your needle up the middle of the stack and back down again. Repeat.

Decide how many beads you want in the center. Thread them on.

Now the tricky part. Pull your needle through one or two of the circles.

Pinch them together and pull a stitch through the pinch. Do this
in a few different places throughout the bundle to fluff it up a bit.

The more you do it the more 3-D your flower will look.

Tie off your thread and sew the flower onto your case. Be careful not
to sew your flap closed. Learning is a process right.

And walla! you can be just like me.

I apologize for the terrible pictures, I'll work on that.


Kate said...

I like this lots! I have a little netbook that needs a fun cover. I should make one before school starts back!

Kaleena J. said...

Cute idea! I should probably make one...

Baby Sister said...

That's so cute!! I don't think I could ever be that creative.