Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Don't you love meeting people and within the first
few minutes of meeting them you are absolutely
positive that you were bound to be friends?
And then slowly you realize that their cool far exceeds
your cool. And you start to obsess about your own life?
Had a little of that going on last time I posted.

We went to Canada for the weekend. My little bro
served a mission there for our church.

Oh boy!! I loved it. I thought it might be a little boring
running around after him as he talked to all these people
he knew and I didn't, but Canada is a great place to meet
some awesome people.
I want to move there just to hang out and bask in all
the coolness of others.
They were friendly, full of laughter and interesting stories
about their lives. Which is why it got me to thinking about how
not cool I am--considering I haven't done anything worth mentioning.
I need to go jump off a cliff or something.

This is Truman.
Probably the coolest dog I know.Mr. Friend and I discuss dogs a lot because he is totally a dog-person.
He wants one when he grows up and all.
I am more of a fish-person. They don't jump and drool all over you,
or eat some random diseased thing and then lick your face.
And cats are ornery.
But I could live with a Truman around. He is just so fluffy I
could die. And mellow. Although he did eat the cat poop while
we were there. Might need to put that one back on the scales.

And then there is the cat, gosh can't remember his name.
He is a character. He has food allergies and has to wear a
cone so he doesn't scratch himself raw.
(Can you imagine having an itch your whole life and you
can't scratch it? AGONY!! I felt for the poor little dude.)Char is probably one of my favoritest people in the whole
world. She made me split a gut a few times.
Just a gorgeous person who has been through a lot.
She still has such an amazing attitude about everything.
And such a beautiful testimony.

BoldShe taught me important things like the Tim Tam Slam.
And gave me a really old film SLR, which I'm excited about.

There were lots of others, but no pictures and I'm
late for work as it is.
It was a great trip.


Baby Sister said...

Sounds like you had a blast. :) I don't do dogs, but that one is so cute I would maybe make an exception.

Tara said...

I so know what you mean when you are around a group of people and you start to feel very uncool because of how cool they are. I feel that every time I go home and hang out with any of my siblings--including you! How does that make you feel? That you make me feel that way? :-)

Runtus Nerdificus said...

The dog is disgustingly ugly, but the cat is hilarious.