Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too Busy for a Title

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Does anyone know why they call New York the "Big Apple?"
I know I could probably look it up, but honestly I don't have
time to blog right now much less look up silly trivia.
I should be working but this is the life of a PSR Worker, you
kind of need someone to open a door and give you a kid. Which
didn't happen this morning, for which I was grateful because
I am really busy doing my notes. Too busy that I don't have time to
blog today. So forget about an interesting post because those
take all sorts of time. I don't have time. I have to have everything done
by tomorrow. And you think I have time to post before then? PSH!
Because tomorrow we are leaving to drive to SLC
to get on a plane on Friday. And that means that all my notes for work
have to be perfect, no flaws, and all signed. I hate signing
things. The best thing I every signed was divorce papers and I
am too busy to write about that! I've got like 20 things running
through my head of things I have to get for my trip. You know
all those little bottles that pass the airport code of under 4 oz.
Which I think is kind of funny because you can have an unlimited
amount of 4 oz bottles, but combine them all and you have over 4 oz.
It is a really stupid rule. You think airport people ever have to buy
hairspray or toothpaste. I totally wouldn't. But I'm too busy to think
about that. Am I excited? I am too busy to be excited. I still haven't packed.
I'm too busy thinking about what outfits would be fashionable enough
to pass non-hick-like in New York be okay in the sun (because I sweat
like a banshee) but if it rained to be acceptable to keep me warm.
But do you think I have time to blather about the weather? Nope.
I don't have time to blog right now! Okay? Although if I did have time to
blog today I would tell you that I got that lens I've been coventing
and I'm praying that it arrives today because I don't have time for
it to arrive tomorrow. And I'd tell you all about how excited I am for
taking pictures of New York and that I'm hecka going to a Broadway
play for goodness sakes. But I don't even have time to post
pictures what makes you think I have time to talk about them.
(Although this one makes my little country heart get really
excited for the big city.) But I don't have time for that today.
I am even too busy to text a reply to Mister who just texted this morning to say
hello to me. I would tell you that he does that every morning and sometimes
tells me how beautiful I am and that he loves me. And I would tell
you how much I really like that, but I am too busy to do a blog post about
that. I am really too busy to blog today. I hope you understand.


Baby Sister said...

Lol. You crack me up. Have fun!!

Runtus Nerdificus said...

Banshees don't sweat. They scream.