Thursday, June 30, 2011

Probably THE coolest shoes!

Aren't these the coolest shoes in the whole world?
One of my little girls was wearing these Monopoly shoes and I
just had to take a picture. How cool can you get?
I want. With black tights.

We (as in my Mister and I) are leaving Ideeho tonight!
I am so siked for New York! I mean I've probably spent
about 8 hours looking up things on maps and trying to find
all the easy routes. Pain, but I am not going to get lost, dang it!
Just a few flavors on the list:

Broadway (Phantom of the Opera)
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
Little Italy
Brooklyn Bridge
Grimaldi's Pizzeria
(supposedly the best pizza ever, and how I was able to
convince Mister to go to New York and not Chicago)

Greenwich Village
and Art Museums galore!

And won't fireworks in New York be amazing?
I'm just a little worried about my ankle. Its been killing me
today and I've got a lot of walking a head of me.
(Crossing my fingers.)

Adios! Enjoy your Fourth!
Lots of pictures ending your way.

And just cuz...


Baby Sister said...

Those are cool shoes. And I would love to see Phantom on Broadway. Oy. Enjoy every minute of it!!

Runtus Nerdificus said...

Yes, Phantom, very kewl.