Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It ain't summer till you can get out the chalk!
Really my job ain't bad sometimes.

In college,
I'd been flirting with this guy shamelessly for two weeks.
And when he finally asked me on a date, I was thrilled.
He called me the day of and told me that we were
going to go play with chalk and have a picnic.
I am one that is definitely okay with "kid" dates
on occasion. He picks me up and announces that we are
going to chalk it up all over BYU-I's campus.

Should have gone with my gut feeling and said something
about what a bad idea that was.
But I wanted to be cool.
We spent the majority of the date with campus security,
mops, and lots of weird looks from students.

And we never went out again.


I still like chalk.


Baby Sister said...

I love chalk. And I love crayons and coloring books. And I most definitely approve of that tumblr thing you have there.

Laura Wynn said...

eheheh. That's a grrreat story! oh BYUI. Good thing you still like chalk!