Friday, July 15, 2011


I am feeling a bit envious today. It all started when I tried to put
on a pair of pants and realized that although I've been trying, I
probably haven't lost a single pound in my diet. Oddly, I envy
those people who can be happy with their salads and veggies.
(I wish I was stylish enough to be a vegetarian.)
I am not happy with my veggies.

I love Mister, but we have this conflict of interest. He likes to
munch and I have no self-control. He leaves snacks hanging
around and I just happen to be in charge of making sure the quality
of food in his bachelor pad stays fresh. Not an easy task mind you, it
requires a lot of sniffing and taste testing. And the biggest problem in
our relationship: he has no ability to tell me "no."

My boyfriend also doesn't like anything good, and stylish, like
pickles and tomatoes.
I love pickles and tomatoes.

I am envious of people who are able to drink 8 glasses of water a day,
who take their 14 vitamins regularly, who are flossing, and are able to
put their hair in ponytails. Yes, mine won't grow.

Why do Mormons eat so much?

Oh I am envious of those who got ready at a decent hour today.
I just got out of the shower.

All of this stemmed from the fact that I feel guilty for drinking my
Mountain Dew and eating my Teddy Grahams after 8pm last night.
Everyone knows that you shouldn't eat after 8pm if you want to lose weight.
We did Harry Potter at the drive-in though. I love drive-ins. It is great to be
able to carry in your snacks, a pillow, a blanket, a camera, a chair, some entertaining
music, and my laptop without trying to figure out how to make it all fit in my purse.
Plus, I can get up and walk around and talk to people if I want.

Mister says I talk too loud at all the wrong times and too quiet every other time.

I convinced him once to sneak in Chinese food at the movie theater. He
spent the whole time looking over his shoulder to make sure we weren't going to
get kicked out. I ate it all. I didn't have any guilt. I am envious that he has a compass
that tells him so explicitly right from wrong. Next time maybe he'll let me sneak in
something a lot less sticky.

Oh and Harry Potter... the books are better.
I am envious of those who get such a kick out of the movies. They don't
even let you carry in your own snacks.

(The movie was pretty good.)


Laura Wynn said...

I agree with this whole post. Kendra, you make me giggle. :)

Baby Sister said...

Amen to that. Boyfriend can eat whatever he wants and not have a problem. It's so not fair.