Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I did a Napoleon

Align CenterI live in Idaho. Idaho is cool. The movie Napoleon Dynamite took place in
Idaho; so it's cool, right? (I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've watched that
movie more times than I can count.) Remember the part where Kip runs over
the tupperware when he is trying to sell it
. I love it for some reason.

I dropped one of my rubbermaids last night while unloading my trunk and
couldn't find it. I figured I'd get it in the morning when I could see it.
I forgot. It didn't make it.
Although I'm impressed there isn't more damage from being run over.
I recommend the brand. Found at any local Wal-mart.
(They should pay me.)

I am probably the only one that thinks this is slightly humorous.

The man and I went out to my sister's place over the weekend. She is the
first of my siblings to return back to our roots. I think we are all slightly envious.
There are goats, chickens, a pony, a pit bull, and a
few cows all running around getting along quite well. I just took a few pictures
of my niece that is so stinkin' cute its ridiculous.

Indulge me please.


She's pretty much in love with him, too.
It honestly can't be helped.

IMG_0171 copy


IMG_0127 copy


She is kind of a little rascal. Extremely hard to take pictures of because
she moves around so much. Zip, zoom. I am loving my new lens though.
If you didn't know, my new toy is the Canon 24-105mm and there is love all
around with this baby. My mister says that all I said in New York was:
"My feet hurt."
"I love this lens!"


Hey sis, I'll be getting you the pictures somehow. Soon.


Baby Sister said...

I thought it was funny. :) Your niece is so adorable!! Love the pictures. I'm jealous of your new toy. :)

Mommy Ann said...

This is Kellie. These are adorable, Poops!! I must have copies. Love the one with the goat and with her chasing after Petey. And the flower. I just love them all. You're getting better and better every time you take pics!! I think you should enter some in the photography contest at the fair. Good way to get your name out there. Just sayin'. I think you're swell.

SaffaKate said...

Oh my gosh! I love Napolean Dynamite. It was my favorite movie for ages. GOSH!
The pictures of your little niece are so cute!

Laura Wynn said...

These pictures are GREAT! and I love Napolean. So fun :)

The Medicine Woman said...

Kendra, I like your pictures. This is Derek.