Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pizza Nazi and Fireworks

"No Soup for You!"

I haven't ever watch Seinfeld, but Mister was telling me
about the "Soup Nazi." I guess the characters go with Kramer
to a new soup stand that he has been raving about; its owner is
referred to as the Soup Nazi due to his temperament and insistence
on a strict manner of behavior while in line.

The Mister and I experienced our own "Pizza Nazi" in New York.
We heard rumors about this amazing Grimaldi's Pizzeria under
the Brooklyn Bridge, fabled to be the BEST pizza in New York.
Since that was how I convinced Mister to go to NY for vacation, we
decided it was worth the effort to go there. It was hilarious.
People stood in this line outside the shop while a man choose who
got to inside. There are lots of characters in NY. Mister was cracking up.

It was a two hour wait.
It was good, though. Mister was smacking my hand cuz I
kept eating "his" food.Verdict: Good, the best in New York, but according to the expert
not as good as Chicago.

Mister posing for me while I got my camera set up. Seinfeld and Blue Steel-
we are sooooo cultured its ridiculous.
We watched the sunset and ate our delicious pizza. Topped it off
with Double Chocolate Chuck Masterpiece ice cream, and held my belly
for the rest of the night worried that it would pop.
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IMG_0606 copy

We had the genius idea that it would be spectacular to see
the fireworks from the opposite side of New York City as it light up
the skyline of NY and we wouldn't have to deal with crowds.
Mister and I stayed in Brooklyn.
It wasn't what I was expecting but still pretty awesome
to see the New York skyline from a distance.
Brooklyn had lots of fun people to talk to as well.
IMG_0504 - Copy - Copy

I love this little girl. She kept us entertained.

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We couldn't see much of the fireworks, but it was beautiful





Happy Belated July 4th!!!


Runtus Nerdificus said...

Nice pictures Cheekers. Your camera skillz are impressive.

Baby Sister said...

Wow those pictures are stunning. And that pizza looks amazing!! And your voice is cute. :) Just an fyi. :)