Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am.

I put a girl in detention today. It was awful.
I hope I never have to do that again. I was really struggling
to not get in a power struggle with her. I failed a bit.
Teaching is a tough thing.
But really rewarding as well.
I hope that I can relax eventually. I get really nervous
my first hour class (the poor guinea pigs) and by the
second have a better grasp of things.

I am: finding my weaknesses and strengths daily.

I think: nutella comes from heaven.

I have: some of the greatest friends and family and
a really sweet Van Gogh doll. (Just mentioned it for you, Tara.)

I know: I am a child of God.

I miss: college life.

I feel: a bit chubby; I just ate half a pizza by myself.

I wish: things made more sense at night.

I hate: public nose-pickers and doing laundry.

I fear: failure and being alone.

I care: far too much what others think of me.

I lose: my cellphone all the time, and keys.

I search: for redheads everywhere I go. I don't know
why, I just like red hair.

I love: new socks, clean bathrooms, and cuddly babies.

I am inspired: by this picture.
I always: layer my clothing. I don't ever go anywhere with
just one shirt on.

I never: use salt and pepper on my food.

I write: because I love meeting new people and telling
my stories.

I win: at the card game Speed.

I listen: to Josh Groban. I had a dream last night where we kissed.
It was pretty sweet.

I never: drink enough water.

I usually can be found: with all the paper, pencils, and other
various art supplies.

I'm scared: of losing my teeth.

I don't always: think I do things right.

I dance: when I am doing the dishes.

I need: a hug often.


Laura Wynn said...

aw, this is such a fun post! ow, ow-a Josh Kiss! Dang, with that and't go wrong.AND I love the picture! *hugs*

Baby Sister said...

This is cute. :) I heart Josh. Have you bought his new song yet? And yes, nutella does come from heaven.

Kaleena J. said...

Hey, I liked this post. I think I might try this sometime.

I'm also scared of losing my teeth. :/

Kate said...

I like this :) I imagine teaching would be really tough and I commend you for doing what you do. No worries about eating half a pizza, I definitely did the exact same thing last night! And I love that picture too. If you are in need of a hug, here's an e-hug :) lol.

Mommy Ann said...

Well, I DID lose a tooth. Not fun. Still recovering after 3 weeks. EVERYONE! TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH. It can be more painful that childbirth. Believe me.
Kendra, just love you!

the friendliest flower said...

I loved this post! I might have to try something similar soon. Im also totally afraid of failing and being alone, also Im glad Im not the only one that looks for redheads, I get so excited when I see them and I never drink enough water and need hugs constantly. Don't worry to much about teaching Im sure you're doing great! Keep positive about it!

Kendra Sue said...

e-hug everyone right back! :)

Tara said...

Hey! I like your Van Gogh doll, I meant the STORIES were a little loony. Who would cut off their ear as a sign of affection? Ew...that's a little on the crazy side. I think I would be calling the mental hospital if I were on the receiving end of his affection. But, your doll...he's kind of cute. He looks mad and a little mental (sounds like he was too). I want to squeeze his nose.

Holly Knitlightly said...

:( about the detention.

Sometimes eating half a pizza by yourself is the best. :)

I always put pepper on my food! LOVE it. I put tons and tons on it, haha.

I have dreams WAY TOO OFTEN about my teeth falling out... and my mouth being full of blood. Blah.