Friday, September 3, 2010


Everything of mine is giving up the ghost. My car died about
two weeks ago and the last two days I've been struggling to
keep my laptop alive, but last night amongst many tears it passed
away. Despite the crack in the back (a result of my clumsiness),
it lived an okay life of 3.5 years.
So... I may be out of commission for awhile until my new one
comes. I hate buying new electronics just as much as I hate finding
I've had a pimple on my face all day that needed to be popped. (This
happened to me yesterday and I was very embarrassed because I met
all my student's parents at Back to School Night. Ugh!)
Anyho, back to electronics. I know I need them but I'm so confused
about which ones are good. I hate putting that much money down hoping
that I made the right choice and finding out later my computer really does
Sad, sad day.
My roommate and I are going out of town for some serious bonding
time in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's turning 21; it may be a very good
party. We'll see.
Sorry for the lame post. I'll try to have some inspiring and interesting
stories next week, as well as the cute white board I made a while ago.
You guys all rock! luvs!


SilverNeurotic said...

Check out CNET for laptop reviews, I'm pretty sure you can compare prices there as well as read customer reviews. Also, the reviews on Amazon are often pretty helpful. It's how I bought my Netbook and it works out really well for me.

Sabriel said...

have fun down here!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Get a Mac! Haha. Huge bummer about the computer (and the pimple!). I hope it somehow fixes itself!