Thursday, September 30, 2010

A pocket full of sunshine

If I had a jar full of sunshine I would carry it around

I would carry around this jar too.
Nutella... yum.

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Carina said...

How gorgeous. If I had a jar full of sunshine, I too would carry it everywhere!

Mmm Nutella. When I went to Italy, those huge jars were pratically everywhere.

xx Carina

Seester said...

These photos make me smile. It's always good to remember the simple and basic things that can bring us back to a slower pace, given the rat race we jog. Except Nutella. Sorry, don't get the devotion to this, but guess it's a personal taste. I do, however, love the expression of sheer anticipation and joy on missy's face. THAT I get. Sorta like my expression when I am patiently waiting at the drive up window at Arcitic Circle, for my cookies n cream milkshake. Love these photos!

Kate said...

Love all these pics :) Do they actually sell Nutella in such enormous jars?? Oh my. I've actually never had Nutella though.... but I do want to try it. Can't go too far wrong with chocolate!

Baby Sister said...

LOVE those pictures. :) Thanks.

Holly Knitlightly said...

These are great. :)