Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Best Friends

{Anna, me, Tara}
I really do have some great friends and I think no matter what
they would be there at my side. We became friends our senior
year of high school on all the many trips to "town" that we had to
do because of leadership positions. We planned prom and did homecoming.
We got stressed together, cried together, and found a way to get through
it. I love these girls. They are comfortable. Old friends are that way.
They don't seem to go away, and they've truly been through stuff with you.

As we get older, we don't get to see each other as often as we
would like. They go to a different school than I do. Anna is
dietetics and Tara is some kind of really smart medical field.
But I love seeing them. I visit them and they come visit me.
They give me hugs and tell me stories to make me laugh.
And we cry through the hard times and they remind me that we are
women and thus we can handle it.

Tara is very loud (being slightly deaf) and tells things how they are.
She swears and I reprimand. It's our thing.
I love her zest for life, her willingness to never give up, and I'm jealous
how she never takes any crap from anyone.
Tara is the only one in our group that is married and I think
secretly Anna and I both envy her. She is like me in that she was
raised with hardwork ethic on the farm. She knows about cows and
she offers the comical relief when the discussion gets too heated.

Anna is hilarious. You met her and you just love her. She is
very goal orientated and you never want to complain around her
because the "helpful" lectures start. Example, "I am so fat." "Kendra, it is all
about portion control. You just need to watch you calorie intake.... dadada."
Around the boy department though, Anna is clueless.
We have a running joke that I have to tell her when a
boy is flirting with her. Anna and I have certain topics that are taboo
to speak of, such as politics and our high school counselor.
We don't agree all the time but we won't trade each other for the world.

These girls are my best friends.
We understand each other and, despite Anna's objections, we understand
the true importance of a Ben and Jerry's hangover on a girl's night in.
(Her dietetic's instinct wavered when I told her that they were already
portion controlled.)

I don't care what you say; half-baked is the best flavor!


Kate said...

This made me smile. I'm so happy you have such a solid group between the three of you, that's something I envy a little bit to be honest. I have several people I call best friends, but none of us every really hang out as a trio. Having a little group like that is fun :)

Kaleena J. said...

Oh yum. I don't care what flavor, I just want some ice-cream. ha ha