Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I promise this is not a craft blog-- it just happens to be the
only thing I'm doing lately. I had to really talk myself out of posting
another DIY, but I promise it is coming and everyone should be
so excited! Its my favorite thus far.

My thoughts have been mulling over an odd quote from a movie I watched yesterday. The character claimed that hell would be being locked in a room with another person who know everything about you, especially that which is worst about you, for all eternity.

It seems we are constantly trying to get people to understand our point of view. Yet, it is still scary knowing that someone could find out the deepest, darkest secrets of our soul. And knowing everything about us could someone really understand us, our thoughts and actions, and still love/respect us? To trust another person is a scary concept, but one each of us must face in life. The results are sometimes pleasant and other times heartbreaking and life alternating. You have to take a mighty risk and HOPE that they won't take advantage of your vulnerability. It is tragic when that hope dies-- similar to a death of a loved one.

It would be so great to rid ourselves of every negative thought, every jealous tendency, and overcome all ignorance. It would seem great to rid ourselves of everything bad and replace it with trust, happiness, compassion, and love. However, I believe that everyone is going to hurt you in some way. The challenge is find those who are worth suffering through the pain for. Life would be too dull if it was perfect. Without pain we would not be able to experience true joy. Opposition gives us perceptive--without the bad there would be no good.

Keep hoping, keep trying, keep experiencing those things that are hard but make us better people in the long run.

And I know heaven will be a better place then hell.

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