Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick and Easy Footstool

I haven't painted for a while and I've been feeling the urge.
This last semester I wasn't able to take an art class because I
was getting done with all my history classes.
And how I have missed it!
It makes me all the more excited for my student teaching
because I'll be doing nothing but ART!
I feel challenged when painting, but also so free. No one can tell
me that my painting is wrong and I didn't learn right, because it is mine.
It is a puzzle that only I can figure out and there is no guide to help.
It is my responsiblity to contribute something that didn't exist before.
I love watching the piece emerge as I use highlights and shade
to create shapes. It is so relaxing and satisfying. I just love it!
This is the watercolor I did yesterday.
{In advance: I apologize for the low quality of pictures.
I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures of myself
while doing the actual project.}
Here is a quick little, easy project for ya all!
I painted this cute this stool in elementary school and
lately I've been hiding it in the back of my closet. It isn't something
I'm really liking. It definitely needs a new update.
I first sanded all the old paint off I could and painted it all white.
I then added a coat of black on top. Taking a fine grade sandpaper,
I roughed up the edges to let some of the white come through.

I have these two bottles of medium that work handy.
Pick a brush that you aren't afraid of getting ruined.

I picked some scrapbook paper that I liked and cut it to fit the
top of the stool.
I prepared a thick coat of Matte Medium on the surface of the
stool and let it sit for about five minutes to let it set up a bit.

Starting at one end, set the end of the paper onto the stool
and I used the Varnish Medium to adhere it on the top.

Avoid just setting the whole paper onto the top of the stool.
Doing this will create bubbles that will be difficult to get out.
Roll it down adding more and more medium on top with a brush.
Don't be afraid to add quite a bit of medium, though adding too much
will make the scrapbook paper a bit murky.

Let dry. And enjoy.
I am excited to put this in the new apartment.


richelle jean said...

wow how fun! it looks amazing you did a great job!

i miss painting too, now that i think about it...

Anonymous said...

HI!!! ... I'm so glad I bump into your blog, I must say it is very creative. I been reading through some of your posts and so far I really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to more. Plus having a blog is a great way to not only cherish your memories but also sharing them with the blog community is wonderful.

Love Sen Ari