Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ode to Earrings

I was super excited to get my ears pierced when I was younger.
Mom kept telling me I was too young to get them done, so
on a day in town with my sisters we rebelled and got them done. My older
sister signed the permission slip as my mother (she's only 10 years older than me)
and I went home a little sore but happy and feeling very mature.
I love earrings, especially when my hair is shorter.
I've collected quite a few in my life (I just wish they were cheaper) and
I never knew how to store them. They end up all heaped together
in a cup on my dresser.
This idea solved all my problems, and I love it:

I started with a $1 frame I found at the D.I. , sanded it down, and painted it a fun lime color.

At about any craft store they have plastic mesh. Mine was only a dollar.

I measured out the mesh and hot glued it to the back on the frame where normally the glass would go.

I don't have a craft stapler, but if I did I would have used fabric for the back on the frame. I used paper, measured it out and just taped it with double stick. It works wonderfully.

I added a scrap booking flower I had and some ribbon to hang it with.
I stuck my earrings through the mesh and hung it up.

I love the color and how it grabs attention. Fun, fun, fun!

Total spent: $2.00


Bridget said...

i have got to do this project!

Kate said...

Haha nice, I totally did not even see you made a similar project until today! I like yours too! :)