Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mom doesn't like the word random

~ When I finally have a house of my own to decorate, I am
going to put thousands of glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceilings.
I have them in my bedroom now and I love trying to find constellations
as I am going to sleep. I make up my own with their own stories.

(I did this with a past boyfriend for a date. We went and checked out
children's books at the library, made a fort out of the couch cushions, and
tried to find constellations on the ceilings as we ate smores made from the
stovetop. I don't think he liked it as much as I did. Cued me in that he wasn't
right for me. :) {Image found at}

~ My mom's name is Ann. My grandma's name is Shirley. I've always
wanted to name one of my daughters: Anne Shirley.
"Anne with an e."
It honors three great people.
{Mom cutting Grandma's hair. This is one of my favorite pictures.}

Anne of Green Gables= fantastic book, fantastic movie
Probably going to watch it today and eat my cupcakes.

~ I Love Lucy is the best show in the whole world. I have never laughed so hard.
I own 6 seasons on DVD and I watch them every year. I've dyed my hair
red in honor of her several times.
{image found at}

~I don't really have celebrity crushes. Although for a while I really liked Orlando Bloom. I liked watching him in Lord of the Rings. Running. Hmm. He made a pretty great pirate as well.

~Getting notes is one of my most favorite things. I love making cards to give
to people. I think notes should be as long as the space available.
There is always more to say to a person, fill'er up!

~Summer is coming to an end. Did I get rid of my pasty-white chicken legs? No.
Did I read any of the books I planned to? No.
Did I do some art projects that I could use for my student teaching? No.
My excuse: for the last four years I have done nothing but study my
brains out. Read and read. I use to love reading. It feels now like
something I have to do (a chore) and I don't want to. I'm done studying for a while.
All I want to do is watch T.V. and eat cupcakes. It makes me
feel sluggish and gross, but I deserve it. I have worked hard to finish college
and this my break. Next week I'll be moving into a new apartment, in a
new town, and starting a new "grown-up" job; I'm scared! I'm having all sorts
of doubts. What if I really don't like teaching? What if I'm not a good teacher?
Mom says I worry too much. I know I do.

~These chairs are making me so happy. I painted them yesterday.
The frames were plain wood I had sitting around that I sprayed
with a light coat of white and scruffed up a bit with sandpaper.
~I really want to know how to make a heart on the computer.
Anyone know?

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Kate said...

I absolutely LOVE those chair paintings! I want to see close ups of them please! I just put a chair in my new banner. :)