Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Rain

Look at this sucker:

I might just die.
I stepped on a thistle yesterday and I woke up to my poor toe
swelling, itching, and driving me nuts all through church. Grr.
I'm addicted to trying to make it bend. It feels really funny.

Its been raining a bit lately. I love summer rain especially at home.
The smell of wet grass and wheat from the field in our backyard, makes
it such a cozy experience. I feel kind of smug being inside where the rain
can't get me.
(That my car in the back, she's a beauty huh?) :)
My families home is so beautiful. Slowly through the
years we've built it as a familyand I have a sense of pride witnessing
how safe it is. The tin roof makes the sound of rain echo through the house;
it is extremely soothing and empowering. I want to sit by a window with a
soft blanket and read a book or even just act like it. I find something romantic
about it all.

It's just amazing what God can do and how beautiful this world is.
I love being able to watch the storm come up without anything obstructing
my view for miles and miles. The big dark clouds hanging over the mountains
and after the shower how everything sparkles and colors seem more
vivid, it leaves me awestruck. I try and take pictures, but they just don't do
it justice. Plus, I don't want to ruin my camera,
so I have to stay where it is dry.

I like sunsets here too.

Hope you have an amazing sunday!

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