Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Ann?

Oh my mother. Such a hoot.
She has always been my best friend. The first person I told
about my school girl crushes and my awful first kiss. The person I
ran to with my messes And the person I needed when I couldn't handle
life anymore and I didn't know what direction to point my compass.
She'd listened as I cried and somehow she'd always make me laugh.
She's an awesome listener.

My mom is wise. She taught me some pretty essential things:
~Cops don't mind too much if you go 5 miles over the speed limit
~Sing "Happy Birthday" as bad as you can, it makes the best memories
~"Stop picking" (the zits of course)
~A package of yeast is about 2.5 tsp
~ There is an art to dressing down around the house
~Putting on a pair of earrings completes an outfit
~Use the nice dishes on Sunday and Holidays
~There will always be someone who loves you
Just warning you, this one is a little crude:
~ A virgin is someone who hasn't kissed
(Remember when I asked you what the word meant after hearing it
on the bus. You told me that's what it was. I told people for a long
time they were wrong, Ma.)

My mom is just the right mix of a classy lady with a sense of humor.
My mom is a babe. She is a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun.
She is my biggest example. And I love her a whole lot.

Happy Birthday Ma!


fernandflora said...

Sounds like you have one fabulous mom! Mine is pretty great too. We are lucky girls aren't we??

Taylor said...

Aw this is too sweet...Happy Birthday to your mom! She has some great advice and she sounds like a very nice lady! I hope she has a great day :)

Mommy Ann said...

Excuse me, BUT!!!! I don't remember telling you some of those quotes--especially the virgin one. Really!

Kendra Sue said...

Really. Some aren't quotes Ma, just from your superb example.

the friendliest flower said...

that is some great advice and she sounds like a great mom!