Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a Universal Truth...

that all driver's licenses are terrible.
Today I got my third license in a year (that's a different story that someday I'll tell)
and it is the worst! I tried extremely hard to be cute. I was determined to look
at least normal. I wore my favorite shirt and did my hair as cute as I could.

But the camera again conquered me.

Hair= not bad.
Squinty eyes= ugh!
See the clenched smile= not normal, kind of sinister.
Chin= I look like my brother.

And who sees my driver's license? Police who have the ability to make me
poorer than I am. (Did I tell you all that I have to buy a new car?) I always hope if I
look pleasant they will be nicer. (Not going to work with this lovely card.)
I hate getting pulled over.
I hate the chills down my back seeing those lights. I hate how awkward it is.
I hate the agonizing wait seeing if they are going to punish me; and coupled
with the flashing lights blinding me and everyone whose passing looking
through the window to see if they know me, makes it miserable.
"Hey everyone! Yes, I got in trouble. Move along now."

So, what I really meant to ask:
As anyone ever had a good driver's license?


SilverNeurotic said...

My NY license wasn't too bad, I think I might still have a copy somewhere (but shh, don't tell). Generally I hate having my picture taken period.

Amy said...

Mine is actually good! I am so happy about that, because the first two were AWFUL!!!!!!! and I mean AWFUL.
My health card (I'm in Canada, so we have those!) has the worst picture in the history of EVER, and this year they reformatted the cards, and sent me a new one... with the picture ZOOMED in - it's actually the worst thing I've ever seen.

I actually like your license photo, it's kind of cute, and I've seen MUCH worse.