Monday, August 23, 2010

That Thing You Always Wanted (SERIOUSLY)

You know those neck pillows that are so handy
when you are flying or going on long trips? I love them.
I also love my rice bag that my sister made for me a few years
back. Heat it in a microwave and it is perfect for those aches, pains,
and cramps that we all get. The rice holds the heat for quite a while.

My two loves have come together to make this genius heating neck
wrap that is going to be my new best friend. (I don't know about you
but by the end of the day my neck is killing me and this lovely is going
to make my life wonderful.) It is very easy to make too!

I'll show you:

1. I drew a pattern based on the pillow on some fabric. I traced it
about 1/2 out from the outline of the pillow to give room for the
stitch and the filling. I used fleece. I think thicker fabrics will
be more beneficial to the overall heat of the pillow.
(I think I probably should have ironed it. I really hate ironing.)

2. Pin the first cutout onto more of the fabric and cut out a back.
3. Sew it all together. Remember to leave a hole to turn it inside-out.
and to fill the bag with rice with.
4. Turn the pillow inside-out so you no longer see the stitch.

5. Fill with rice. I added some oatmeal and some herbal tea bags.
The herbal tea masks the smell of the rice and makes it heavenly to
heat this baby up. I used ginger and peppermint and it smells very
much like Christmas; it's wonderful.

6. Hand stitch up your hole.

7. Throw it all in the microwave for a few minutes. Remember if it is
too hot for your hand it is too hot for your neck.

8. Love it. Use it. Thank me. :)
It is like getting a warm, cozy hug on your neck.
Cost: Nothing. I just used stuff around the house.
Time: about an hour


Kate said...

That's a great idea! I seriously might make one myself. I'd love to have something like that once school starts up again and I'm spending hours at my desk hunched over my laptop.

Lillabilly said...

Hi Kendra Sue! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for following me! This rice-bag-neck-pillow you've got going is a fantastic idea and is going straight on my crafting to-do list, which is a mile long already, but would be perfect for me as I get awful neck and shoulder pain, so I may have to bump it up to top of the list! The teabag idea is pretty brilliant - imagine all the lovely scents to choose from! Also, I had to have a chuckle at your ironing comment...I hate ironing too! : )

Laura Wynn said...

This is brilliant!!
I agree with Kate, this seems to be a necessity for school!

Tara said...

Mom's counters look great!!