Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Musings

1. Sometimes I hide from people I know. I don't know why.
2. I find it oddly satisfying to pop zits.
3. I love mozzarella cheese! I probably eat too much of it.
And whenever I have a grilled cheese sandwich I always
put pickles in it. It reminds me of my Pa and so yummy besides.
4. When I'm too quiet I get mad at myself.
5. Someday I am going to watch Toy Story 3.
6. Spending money is sometimes the only way I feel better
about life.
7. I wish I was more patient.
8. I'm finding out that men/boys can be very predictable.
9. I think all first kisses are awful. I am still looking for someone
to tell me a good first kiss story.
10. I've been painting.


April said...

1. I do that, too.. and I know why. People expected me to graduate high school and do great things, but I don't want to tell them what I'm doing because I'm afraid it'll sound like bragging.
2. Me too! But I think it's weird, too, and a bit gross.
6. I feel the same. Have you seen Confessions of a Shopaholic?
7. Doesn't everyone?

S and O said...

I like the list ;)
I put pickles in my grill cheese sandwiches too -- tastes so good especially with pastrami!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for replying, and YES! i agree with you. Doing things that you love is what makes this world so worth living. And YES there are times that you wish you could do something else because it can get to be really hard but everything happens for a reason. WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER.

Love Send Ari.